Kimberly Lyle (Phoenix, AZ)
May 2018. Installation documentation. Museum collection wood and metal objects, programmed micro-controller board with audio. Dimensions variable.

Staircase Score transforms a functional, transitional space into an interactive sound installation composed of drawer-like sculptures.

The handles are an invitation to be held that mirrors the support and position of the adjacent handrail. When touched, each handle plays a different sound sourced from everyday happenings inside of Elsewhere. By tapping several in a row, an impromptu melody is composed depending on order.

Score’s arrangement was determined by a found, archived musical composition. An instructional booklet accompanies the piece, inviting visitors to edit and add to the collection of sounds and communicate with future participants. Score remains in constant flux, much like the museum continues to perform as an instrument for communication, amplification of sound, and wonder.

Project In Response To: Cloister, Urban Gray Ballroom, musical score found in The Records Room, An Active Archive.

Staircase Score instructional booklet