Something Must Be Wrong Somewhere, Tim Fite (Brooklyn, NY).
February 2017. Acrylic on museum walls, restored books, wood, paper, pencils.

Fite reinvented one of Elsewhere’s first floor restrooms based on a letter found in the museum written by a young girl trying to contact her mother from summer camp in 1961. Something Must Be Wrong Somewhere illustrates summer camp as an imaginative, infinite web of stories within this public restroom.

In addition to experiencing Fite’s versions of young adult literature, participants are invited to write letters home from Summer Camp and attempt to deposit them in a bottomless “Out” mailbox located on the bathroom door. In the letter, a young Michele expresses her frustrations to her mother, Sylvia: “You said something about not getting mail. This I don’t understand. I have been writing 2 and 3 times a day. Something must be wrong somewhere.

Contrary to Fite’s experiences of summer camp as a young person, this installation memorializes summer camp as a place filled with stark innocence, crushes, tickle fights, and tan lines.


Opening Exhibition: