What to Expect at Elsewhere Museum




I am going to the Elsewhere Museum.

The Museum is in a blue building on South Elm Street & E Lewis Street with a stage in the front window display.

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Elsewhere used to be a thrift store but is now a museum where we can touch and play with art and things, meet artists and see new art being made.

Nothing is for sale here.

A museum worker will be at the front desk to say hi to me when we walk in.

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The Museum costs $1-$5 for entry.

The worker may tell me more about the history and the art I can look at.

I can hand money to the museum worker and they will tell me that I can go in.

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The museum is very crowded. It has a lot of things. Sometimes it is noisy when there are a lot of people visiting the museum and playing.

As I walk down the hallway I can pick up and play with toys, watch the tv screen, take photos or look at the kitchen.

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If I need to find someone to ask a question to I will look at the faces by the front desk and find one

of those people to ask. I can also ask my questions to the person who works at the front desk.

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If I want to know more about an art piece I can look for a tag.

The tag will have the artist’s name and more info on the back.

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I can walk around and look at the kitchen.

If I am hungry I can pay $10 at the front desk to join Elsewhere staff and artists for dinner at 7pm.

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If I need to go to the restroom I will turn left at the kitchen and go into the next room until I see a sign that says “Restrooms All Gender.”

If I need support sitting down I will use the handrails.

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There is a lot to do and see at the museum.

I can swing on the swings at the front stage.

I can play with a pile of toys at the toybin.

I can watch people make food in the kitchen.

I can draw pictures at the light table.

At a section of the museum called “Super Piano Bouncy Ball” I can play music by picking up a handful of bouncey balls and throwing them at the wall.

It is okay to be loud here. If I don’t want to hear noise I can move to another area.

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If I feel tired or need a break I will go by the library toward the window or the loft above the “Fabric Workshop.”

I can also bring books or toys to play with there.

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If I need to take a break I can also go outside and sit in the garden.

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When it is time to leave, I will exit out the door that I came in from. I hope that I can come back to the museum again to see more art and play with things soon.

Contact us for information about accessibility and accommodations.

phone number: 336.907.3271

email: education@goelsewhere.org