SHAN is an award-winning photographer, artist, and freedom fighter from East Baltimore. Inspired by the service of social change and the social power of art, and harsh realities rooted in racial and economic divides during her upbringing in poverty, SHAN uses the lens to document communities of the African diaspora. Her work conveys and reveals the social, cultural, and political narratives of black life serving as photographic documentation and archive of Blackness.

Dedicated to demonstrating and promoting the value of archiving and photography, and increasing Black visibility, SHAN distributes her photographs internationally. Inspired by the legacy of photo albums, this ongoing project is a grassroots and accessible method of storytelling and archiving, articulating and legitimizing Black people’s experience. The goal is to provide subjects with physical copies of images of themselves to build or contribute to their own archive and challenging us to consciously or unconsciously enforce new ways of seeing, thinking, and being a part of the African Diaspora.

SHAN has received recognition from the Baltimore Beat for Best Solo Show, Best Photographer from the City Paper, and awarded 2nd Place for Small Outlet Feature of “Losing Conner’s Mind” by Association of Health Care Journalists’. Her work has received widespread support from publications like the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, Essence, and the now-defunct Baltimore City Paper.

SHAN has also exhibited work in museums internationally from the Reginald F. Lewis Museum to Mariano Arts Center, in Havana Cuba. More recently, she’s working on confronting oppressive politics and histories of Black Americans through collages and installations.

During Wallace’s residency, she created THE BANSHEE UNDE[RAGE].