A unique artists’ organization exists in the U.S.
January 3, 2012
by Anna Nelson
The municipality has grown from a commission store. This happened largely by accident, and eventually revived the depressed city.
The doors open and you find yourself in one of the most incredible buildings: it is hidden in the depths of America, and within it – the treasure. And living among them an unusual organization of artists called “Elsewhere”, which translates as “out there”.
Somewhere out there in the 30s of XX century began a remarkable story. In one of the houses located komissionka. Her owner Sylvia Gray bought up all his life used items and resell them. It was a real passion. Not all of her purchases was possible to implement, but it did not stop her.
Then she died, and none of her heirs did not know how to dispose of this strange property for as long as the city did not come to Greensboro grandson of Sylvia Gray – a young writer, George, decided to simply show his friends, his grandmother’s savings artists – those gasp!
“Astronomy number! Everything was laid out on handbags, bandaged and packed with individual inscriptions, sometimes grouped in a fun way, rolls of tissue and ribbons, buttons, book containers, toys and equipment!” – Says the grandson of Sylvia Gray, director of the Museum of the commune, “Somewhere” George Shiir.
“There were mountains and mountains of things. The walls were covered with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful gowns. George said:” Oh! Repack-ka in the box all you like! “And I said,” How do I choose! “Everything seemed so magical, and all had a reason to be here. You felt like a pioneer in this world treasure!” – Says the museum’s director-commune “Somewhere in there,” Stephanie Sherman.
It was then that the idea was born – all together to create the installation of antiquities. Then it began to come to friends and friends of friends. So a commune, and it rules: none of the things you can not make anything out of the house and to make, create art installations only from the fact that there is and nothing created can not be sold. Any artist can inn 2 months to live here free of charge, throwing off a weekly $ 30 for meals. Through the efforts of her grandmother in the house was absolutely necessary for all life, including beds, pillows and linen – it’s all part of the local collection.
As a survivor of the Great American Depression, my grandmother Sylvia Gray was sure that unwanted things do not happen. Therefore, if the time offered her something that she missed an opportunity. So, after the Second World began to occupy the room is not cap-shoes-beads, and tents, hiking bags, pots, they are all lined with shelves, gas masks. In general, all this ammunition would be enough for a battalion.
More pristine material enough for many years to come. Of the innumerable rolls of fabric are building here at home-maze. On the ceiling – the heart, lined with shoes. In the recreation area can be found on the rest of the feather kilometers tape, or meditate in silence, theater, where actors – puppets. It would be strange if there did not appear a room with ghosts – they live only in darkness for ladies shirts and disappear with the advent of the world.
“When we arrived in Greensboro, it was like in the movies, the plot of which people left the city. Along the streets look – no one except the homeless. And only one cafe. We began to think about how to revive a depressed city,” – says Stephanie Sherman.
At first surprised the life conceived casual travelers, tourists and then began to appear, along with shops and cafes, so – and jobs. The city returned to the people. From the home studio equipped they started telling news – as first appeared, and local radio.
“Buildings get old – they take down, things get old – throw them out. The Americans always want a new, moreover, that the history of the country’s relatively new. Maybe we should learn, keeping the old, to become part of something new” – says George Shiir.
Within a few years in this strange house have called hundreds of artists from around the world, and he, himself changing and changing everything around, always continue to live “somewhere.”