Philadelphia, PA

May 20, 2010 – June 15, 2010

Rose Luardo creates dense and vibrant interactive performance installations that are original, character-based environments. Her bizarre and authentic creations aren’t as experimental as they are experiential. To get a sense of her work, think of a dusty middle-aged pixie forging through a creative landscape full of big hair, press-on nails and chunky plastic. Rose is using her “less is more/focus on being unfocused” performance techniques throughout all her work. She does it by seeing what she can create out of a tissue, a comb, a baby stroller, someone else’s shoes, a pen, a toothpick and a left pocket full of cheap tricks. Her brand of artistic creation is described as fun-driven, textured, and diverse. She is asking you to turn off part of your brain and turn on part of your body. She is one half of the performance duo The New Dreamz and recently started a comedy night in Philadelphia with her performance partner, Andrew Jeffrey Wright.


Every Monster Has A Tale