Laura Bernstein, Accordion Suits for Commutes, 2014; navy blazers, fabric, thread.



Residencies offer creatives and researchers from around the globe opportunities to create projects on-site that engage and further Elsewhere’s core concepts of creative collaboration and working from at-hand resources. Residents evolve their projects to meet the spaces and social ecologies of the museum and its communities, working with our enormous collections of textiles and toys, books, consumer technologies, thrift store shrift, and rooms full of vintage clothes and our ever-changing inhabitants. Projects created through the residency contribute to the museum’s constant transformation and create new possibilities for future artist interventions.

The residency program brings together makers and thinkers with an interest in the intersections of participation and play, situation and process, repair and reuse, public practice, thing theory, social context, urban constructions, curation, and organization. All projects are supported by a team of curators who advise and support the creative process.

Weekly Artist Talks introduce artists to the community, along with weekly public dinners, and special events. New projects are launched throughout the season on the first Friday of each month. Check out the online events calendar for upcoming residency events.


2015 Artists

Alix Pentecost Farren, Harlem, NY
Robert Lach, West Orange, NJ
Amy Siegel, Toronto, Canada
Jane Claire Remick, Washington, DC
Beth Cohen, Somerville, MA
Kayla Anderson, Chicago, IL
Liew Pichanan Niyomkarn, Los Angeles, CA
Anna Kohlweis, Vienna, Austria
NG Xi Jie, Singapore
Christopher Cloud, Minneapolis, MN
Blair Bogin, Chicago, IL
Alison Moritz and The Libertine Committee
Julie Moore, Austin, TX
Bronwen Moen, Montreal, Canada



Jane Claire Remick, Elsewhere-Stock, 2015

Jane Claire Remick, Elsewhere-Stock, 2015

Amy Siegel, Remember Well, 2015

Amy Siegel, Remember Well, 2015


Robert Lach, Stitched Together, 2015

Beth Cohen, Object Obituaries, 2015.

Beth Cohen, Object Obituaries, 2015