Residencies offer creatives and researchers opportunities to explore the museum’s immense 58-year collection of cultural and material surplus through site-specific projects that contribute to Elsewhere’s concepts, collections, and communities.  Residents develop projects in response to Elsewhere’s contexts, applying their talents and skills in site-specific and site-sensitive ways to developing a more dynamic, operative, and interactive museum and city content. Artists, musicians, curators, scholars, designers, writers, gardeners, urban agriculturalists, homesteaders, system-thinkers, game-makers, and other individuals and groups working across medias are encouraged to apply.

Makers and thinkers with an interest in the intersections of participation and play, situation and process, repair and reuse, public practice, thing theory, social context, urban constructions, and organizing are an excellent fit for this program. Residents evolve their projects to meet the spaces and social ecologies of the museum and its communities, and work with the enormous collections of textiles and toys, books, consumer technologies, thrift store shrift, and rooms full of vintage clothes and its ever-changing inhabitants. Residency production resources include access to a wood shop, fabric workshop, library, storefront theater, vintage wardrobe, communal kitchen, as well as myriad connections with Greensboro neighbors and Elsewhere’s national artist network. All projects are supported by a team of curators who advise the creative process and provide critical feedback, documentation, community connections, and event support.

Elsewhere offers an exceptional place for rethinking people, places, and things in everyday and extraordinary life. Collaborative teams are encouraged to apply. Residency time-frames range from 2-6 weeks. 4 weeks is the ideal residency time-frame, and those doing projects less than 4 weeks will be encouraged to produce smaller scale projects using research or testing modalities. Curator + Coordinator Positions, South Elm Project Commissions, and internships are also available.

Applications are due January 11, 2015 



Elsewhere’s environment is a highly stimulating, sensorial, conceptual, and public experience–a space of incredible material density and continuous activity. Residents engage Elsewhere’s Living Museum, as a platform for research, curatorial experiment and public inquiry. The museum’s collection of objects offers a fixed set of things that form an evolving archive of material histories and interactive installations made by residents, curators, fellows, and museum visitors.  Public Studios–Storefront Theater, Living Library, Fabric + Wood Workshops, Kitchen Commons, Alley Garden and City departments–offer platforms for practice and exchange. The landscapes, people and histories of revitalizing downtown Greensboro offer a unique context to explore the role of art in civic and political life. 


  • Elsewhere hosts site-specific projects, and prefers proposals to evolve from a direct experience in and with the collection and Greensboro. However, Elsewhere encourages artists working on theories and bodies of works to apply those interests to this specific Elsewhere concept.
  • Residents propose a project to Elsewhere’s curatorial team during their first week. The curatorial team offers conceptual and material guidance and coordinates documentation, event opportunities, intern and volunteer assistance, and outreach.
  • All physical collection objects and artworks are remain part of the living museum and are available for continued transformation by future creatives.
  • Residents staying less than three weeks are encouraged to explore modes of research, directed museum interventions and smaller scale projects. Those seeking intensive material applications with the collection should plan a longer stay.
  • Elsewhere best practices  include working site-specifically and sustainably with the collection, helping to bridge new audiences and artists with the work, connecting future artists with the museum, and further evolving the function, form, concept and appearance of the living museum.




Residency Season:

2015 season begins in April.


Residency Duration:

2-6 weeks. 4 weeks is ideal time frame.


Application Due:

Sunday, January 11 .


Application Process:

ROUND 1: All applications will be reviewed by a committee of Elsewhere artists, cabinet members, and curators.

ROUND 2: 30-minute interview over Skype with a committee member.

SELECTION February 2015.

The application committee will look favorably on residents that demonstrate a commitment of applied skills, design intention, site-specific interest, and community participation.



$250 residency deposit due upon acceptance: 

Pay online here through Paypal or send a check to:


Attn: Residency Program

606 S. Elm St., Greensboro, NC, 27406.



A $500 residency fee offers :

- the support of a five person curatorial team including media, production, building and documentary resources

- 24-hour museum access including workshops equipped for construction, textiles, screen printing, and book arts

- and a small material budget is provided to support production incidentals necessary for artistic production

- online and on-site presentation of work

- vast vintage material resources

- collaborative work environment to experiment and learn

- participation in a national/international network of alumni artists


$50 per/week covers :

- a cozy living space in shared boarding house room

- participation in the food co-op which offers community dinners 5 days/week and do-it-yourself provisions 24-hours /7 days a week.

As participants in the food co-op, residents are asked to cook one night per week and clean collectively after shared meals.

Application is now closed.