PLEASE NOTE | Due to COVID19, all residencies have been put on hold for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.


Elsewhere is no longer accepting applications for 2020 Residencies from creatives working across media, fields, and disciplines. Elsewhere is an unparalleled site for creative inquiry, join in the experiment of building new futures from old things! Applications will reopen in Spring 2020 for 2021.

Annually, 35 residents are selected to collectively live and work within Elsewhere to create projects that activate the Living Museum. Work produced is site-specific and responsive, exploring Elsewhere’s environment, material inventories, cultural histories, social systems, neighborhood communities, and past projects. All objects and artworks remain part of the museum, available for continued transformation by future creatives.

Residents have access to the enormous collection of textiles, toys, books, consumer technologies, clothes, bric-a-brac, and general thrift for transformation. A curatorial team stewards the creative process and collection use, provides critical feedback, supports public events, and facilitates connections with Greensboro neighbors and Elsewhere’s international network.

Makers, thinkers, and doers of all kinds working across media (sound, video, installation, performance, painting, emerging technologies, food, writing), fields (art, healthcare, admin, journalism, education, curatorial, homesteading, academia,design, science) and disciplines (across-sectors, interdisciplinary, conceptual, social, futurist, research) are encouraged to apply. Those with an interest in participation, co-creation, reuse, public practice, social engagement, institutional critique, urban intervention, and experimental living are an excellent fit for this program. Collectives and collaborative groups as well as residents who would like to live off-site, are also welcome!

Residents receive room & board, material, and equipment access, as well as, public engagement and programming opportunities, documentation, promotion, online and in-museum representation of work. The Residency program is partially subsidized with a nominal fee. In 2020, Elsewhere is offering various opportunities to fund parent artists and/or individuals from the Southern US or Kansas City.

Elsewhere does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, expression or parents/guardians with children. Elsewhere shares a radically expansive understanding of creative practice and identity. We strive for a diverse representation of voices, life experiences, views, and interests to reflect the collaborative community we have and wish to serve. To decolonize systemic structures of institutional oppression, we encourage queer creatives of color to apply. If there are accessibility needs or questions, please contact

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Elsewhere’s Residency Program is funded in part by: 


Large crowds visit the public museum during the September ‘Happening.’


Elsewhere’s environment is highly stimulating, conceptual, and social. The Museum hosts an incredible density of materials and continuous public activity. Composed of layers of artworks and objects, there are no white walls, blank spaces, or separate studios. Everything is interpreted contextually and in situ. Residents respond to a collection of artworks and materials to make visible their conceptual, material, and social visions. Projects engage Elsewhere’s Museum as a platform for creative, performative, research-based, and curatorial experimentation. The century-old inventory of objects forms a natural resource and archive; a set of incredible things available for thoughtful and site-specific transformation.

The Museum is a public space and home. Residents live on the 2nd floor, which includes the artist-built boarding house and other installation works. The kitchen is centrally featured in the museum’s most public 1st floor and exhibits Elsewhere’s organized, cooperative living practices to visitors. Studios include a wood and textile workshop, tech lab, storefront theater, vintage wardrobe, garden, and public kitchen inside the 150-year-old building. Additionally Elsewhere has access to 3D printing, laser cutting, CnC router, welding, and ceramic tools through membership with a neighboring makerspace.

Elsewhere is situated in Downtown Greensboro, NC, a revitalizing mid-size, southern city. Greensboro is notable for its historical and social legacy of the textile industry and civil rights, and there is creative, critical work happening here. The city boasts 5 universities and a rich arts community that includes contemporary theater, visual arts, dance, and music. A new Experiential School offers community-centered elementary education and utilizes downtown (and Elsewhere) as its campus. A large system of parks, trailways, greenways, and lakes support active engagement with nature and connect communities to downtown. Greensboro is located within an hour of other thriving art, education, and social-engaged communities including Winston-Salem, Durham, Chapel-Hill, and Raleigh.

Elsewhere is an anchor within the south end of the downtown. We share our block with a contemporary art project space, piano restorer, sneaker store, barber shop, cat café, numerous restaurants, bars, historic neighborhoods, activist churches, small businesses, and an expanding community of entrepreneurs. Nearby is a new performing arts center, the International Civil Rights Museum, a dynamic city park, and a citywide campus for nursing education.

We are also in proximity to food deserts and gentrifying neighborhoods. We partner with social and justice organizations, neighborhood associations, public schools, non-profits, universities, and city departments. Elsewhere shares space with the local chapter of #BlackLivesMatter (Gate City), IgniteNC, NCCJ, and is a site for community building, social organizing, and direct action. As a post-industrial, southern city with progressive roots, Greensboro citizens are actively invested in fostering social, economic, and racial equity- these concerns have always been part of the city’s fabric.

For more on Elsewhere’s history, please visit our Story page.



As a resident, you receive:


  • A cozy private bed nook in a shared boarding dormitory. See residential spaces here.
  • Access to the fully equipped Kitchen Commons. See the kitchen here
  • Locally sourced vegetarian ingredients purchased and shopped for weekly or grown in Elsewhere’s garden are offered through the Food Co-op.
  • Organized community lunches 5 days/week and do-it-yourself provisions 24 hours/7 days a week.


  • Museum tools, equipment, and workshops (carpentry, textiles, printing, paper, food, digital media). See Elsewhere’s list of equipment here.
  • 3D printers, laser cutters, CnC router, ceramics and welding facilities through Elsewheres membership with The Forgea neighboring makerspace.
  • Vast vintage material resources dating back to the early 20th century. Read more here
  • A conservative budget for material incidentals necessary for artistic production.


  • Elsewhere’s curatorial team stewards the creative process and collection use provides critical feedback, supports public events, and facilitates connections with Greensboro neighbors and our international network.
  • Documentation, promotion, press, and social media support. See examples here.
  • Presentation of your work archived online and on-site. See examples of artist projects here.


  • A collaborative work environment to experiment and learn with fellow creatives.
  • Public engagement and programming opportunities.
  • Participation in E.T.C. (Elsewhere Tenured Collaborators), our international network of alumni artists. See past artists here.

MEMBERSHIP. See benefits here.


For Your Consideration:

  • While still a rustic environment, Elsewhere had recent renovations inclusive of HVAC, safety egress and evacuation systems (fire monitoring, alarms, sprinklers, exits), as well as ADA accessibility on the 1st floor. All bathrooms are single-stall and gender neutral.
  • All participants cook 1 day/wk, clean collectively after shared meals, join a weekly 30-min house meeting followed by a collective hr-long clean of common areas.
  • We cannot accommodate significant others and/or collaborators, etc. who were not included in the original application.
  • Our residency cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18 (please see ‘fees + funding’ tab for info on applying for an award to offset child care expenses during the residency period).
  • We only allow trained service animals with official paperwork & cannot make policy exceptions for pets.
  • There is no on-site access to laundry.


’Mixed’, Lonnie Holley. Southern Constellations Fellow. December 2018. Installation view. Acrylic, museum collection garments, mannequins, and miscellaneous items. Dimensions variable.


The Residency program is partially subsidized but does have a nominal cost.  Collectives and collaborative groups are welcome but must be prepared to pay total costs/individual. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due upon acceptance, with the remaining balance due 3 months before arrival.

Fees Include:

  • $500 flat Program Fee
  • $70/wk for Room
  • $70/wk for Board

*Residents choosing to live off-site are omitted from paying room but are required to pay program and board fees.


In 2020 Elsewhere is offering various funding opportunities. Eligible applicants are required to indicate so on the residency application and must answer an additional question relevant to their eligibility. Candidates are encouraged to express if they are interested in the residency without these awards, as they are very competitive (12 offered in total, approx. 150 requests received). Indicating interest will not factor in your review to receive funding.

2020 funding opportunities are:

Parent Artists | Award provided to artists with children. Since Elsewhere’s Residency cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18, we are excited to offer up to $1000 intended to offset childcare expenses during the residency period. To qualify you must be an artist with at least one dependent child under the age of 18 as of Dec 31, 2020.

Southern Constellations (SoCo) | Strengthens the network of experimental art production in the South through dialogue with practitioners and organizers who have a relationship to its unique culture. Fees for the month-long residency at Elsewhere (program, room/board) are covered and a travel stipend, plus a $1000 honorarium, are provided. To be eligible to apply, candidates must be currently based or raised in the Southern United States, attend the whole residency session (4 weeks), and commit fully to Elsewhere’s unique residency experience.

Exchange | Supports connectivity between Elsewhere and an annually selected metropolis, in 2020 highlighting Kansas City’s creative scene. Fees for the month-long residency at Elsewhere (program, room/board) are covered and a travel stipend, plus a $1000 honorarium, are provided.  To be eligible to apply, candidates must be currently based and actively invested in Kansas City, attend the whole residency session at Elsewhere (4 weeks), and commit fully to our unique residency experience.


Please review all tabs on this webpage to ensure our program is the best fit for your needs.


2020 Residencies are available during 5 sessions, each 2-4 weeks long with up to 7 residents at a time. All residencies must begin at the start date indicated with each session. 4-week residencies are encouraged; 2 & 3-week research-based residencies also available:

SESSION 1 | 2.13 – 3.10

SESSION 2 | 4.9 – 5.5

SESSION 3 | 6.11 – 7.7

SESSION 4 | 8.13 – 9.8

SESSIONS 5 | 10.15 – 11.10



SELECTIONS: Elsewhere staff review applications to ensure completion and eligibility. Submissions are then reviewed by a dynamic group of arts professionals, community members, and past residents. We take great care in this process to ensure committed, talented, diverse and engaged residents are chosen, and that all applications get adequate attention.

NOTIFICATION: All applicants will be informed of their status by December 2019. If you have not heard from us by this date, please contact

FINALISTS: Applicants accepted into the residency pay a non-refundable deposit of $250 and sign a contract within a month of acceptance. The deposit and contract act as confirmation and are required to secure your spot. The deposit goes towards your residency fee with the remainder due 3 months before arrival. Residents receiving full funding through SoCo or Exchange awards will only be required to sign a contract. Parent Artist award recipients must follow normal residency payment protocols and will receive reimbursement(up to $1000) for childcare expenses.