Photo credit: Vivian Charlesworth
Repository, Vivian Charlesworth and Edek Sher (Providence, RI). 
May 2017. Installation view. Video, Found ribbon, metal frames, fabric, mirror, monitor with performance of dust stored in a safety deposit box.

Repository is a video-documented performance and a sculptural vault set within Elsewhere’s longstanding and ever-evolving immersive installation, The Ribbon Room. Because of the great density of the material contained within the room, the space poses many challenges for artists working there. Consequently, the ribbons have been static for several years. Many of them lie in a state of decay.

At the center of Repository is video documentation of Charlesworth and Sher ritualistically depositing dust – the powdered remains of past ribbons, separated and siphoned off – into a safe-deposit box at a local bank. At Elsewhere, everything is saved until it has been worn down to dust – by time, by use, by neglect. Dust is an essential material that can be both valuable and valueless, yet it is the only part of the Elsewhere collection that is allowed to leave the museum. The immersive depository is a theatrical and virtual space for visitors to pay homage to the dust.



Photo credit: Guido Villalba Portel