Gil Yefman (Telaviv, Israel)
October 2019. Crochet with ribbons from the collection, plastic tube, filling material. Drawings with color pencils and oil pastels on wood. Approx. 24″x24″x36″

The installation is comprised of crochet human multi-gendered body parts, which seem to be squeezed out of construction tubes coming out of the ceiling. Additional performative experience is offered, in which the doll’s conscience is being shifted and reactivated by the viewer, by wearing a headpiece.

Gil made use of the enormous pile of ribbons, which were a major part of Sylvia’s passion and life project collection: while interacting with the customers (or spectators, as she could not actually sell anything because of her attachments to the items) she used to roll the ribbons into bobbins as a mean to balance her mental state.

The recurrent movement of the ribbons being rolled, entangled and crocheted, mirror our own identities being in a constant state of flux – as we try to connect better to ourselves and to our environment. Ribbons are often used in order to raise social conscience towards health and other human struggles and rituals, while crochet knitting is referred with occupational therapy.

By being a living museum, Elsewhere inspired Gil to transcend boundaries between life and art, addressing crucial matters such as the object-abject, otherness and creativity.