I Don’t Do Boxes 4th Issue: #OUTerSpace is now online.


QueerLab is a youth-led media program exploring LGBTQ experience in North Carolina. Each QueerLab session brings together an editorial team of queer identifying youth to publish I Don’t Do Boxes, and organize workshops focused on creative media production and digital storytelling. This season we focus on queer performance and activist traditions, explore issues in self-presentation for the stage and everyday life and create performance based actions and stories about how and why we act out.

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I Don’t Do Boxes is a youth focused zine dedicated to presenting stories of LGBTQ experience in the South. The Editorial Team meets bi-weekly September-December to produce and promote each issue. Meetings are held at Elsewhere; they are free and open to all. For more information on joining the staff, becoming a senior editor, and to get involved please contact I Don’t Do Boxes at IDDB@goelsewhere.org.


Past Issues of I Don’t Do Boxes

IDDB - color cover

The first issue of I Don’t Do Boxes collects over 30 artworks, stories, poems, comics and essays exploring queer southern experience and beyond. Launched on June 7, 2013, the issue was distributed to local schools and spaces around the Triad featuring advice, news, essays, youth commentary, lesson plans and ideas for organizing and sustaining Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) at local schools. Download (PDF) | Purchase Online

The second issue focuses on the power of song and voice, and feature original music, lyrics, stories and sound recordings. Selected submissions will be curated into a digital album with an accompanying zine of writings and artworks, and distributed to queer communities around the country. Download (PDF) | Purchase Online

The third issue of I Don’t Do Boxes, Act Out!, brings together a diverse collection of stories, poems, artworks and sounds exploring LGBTQ experience. This issue invited queer youth, poets, and writers to explore how they Act Out! Download (PDF) | Purchase Online

The fourth issue of I Don’t Do Boxes, #OUTerSpace, brings together a diverse collection of stories, poems, artworks and sounds exploring LGBTQ experience like alienation and exploring personal space. Download (PDF) | Purchase Online




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Support & Partners

QueerLab is an Elsewhere collaboration with YouthSAFE, QORDS, the Guilford Green Foundation, and allies like you. Support QueerLab with a tax-deductible donation to help print and distribute I Don’t Do Boxes, and ensure future QueerLab sessions with LGBTQ youth in the Triad.

For more information and to get involved  with Queerlab please contact Guido Villalba Portel, Communications Curator at news@goelsewhere.org.


  • An Innovative Publication: A publication made for and by LGBTQ-identifying youth
  • Building Support Networks: A platform for creative community building in Greensboro and beyond
  • Creative ways to Connect: Using video, music, and art to share stories
  • Build a more Curious Culture: Furthering Elsewhere’s mission to find art in everyday life