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Patricia Margarita Hernandez
is a curator, researcher, and producer of contemporary art, who is dedicated to unconventional theoretical and practical methodologies that circumvent traditional art formats. Working across new media, sound, performance, and exhibition making, her work has focused on technological design, immaterial labor, techno-animism, and city development within a neoliberal schema. Hernandez received her M.A. at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College in May 2016. She co-founded and directed the end/SPRING BREAK (2009-2015), producing over 300 events in over 40 locations throughout South Florida communities. Currently, she is working with the Alliance of the Southern Triangle (AST), a platform for artists and architects to speculate on climate change within the South Florida region, in order to consider the geospatial and political implications of the region through the development of artistic strategies that include exhibitions, research, and speculative memorials.

Patricia created Once Again The World is Flat and Moved To Motion during the Miami Goes Elsewhere residency.