We need your help to make Elsewhere even more interactive, inviting, and accessible. Volunteers help our curators and artists maintain and beautify the museum, bringing their talents and skills to the creative community.

Our volunteers help out in the:

  • Kitchen: cleaning dishes and surfaces, making and preparing foods
  • Garden: weeding, watering our garden, drying herbs, and stirring the compost
  • Fabric Workshop: mending clothes, sorting fabrics, maintaining sewing machines
  • Library: sorting books, dusting books, making zines, archiving papers
  • Construction Workshop: sweeping, sorting, sanding, painting
  • Museum: docenting the museum, curating shelves, museum desk watchers, and community liaisons


  • By Project : contact museum@goelsewhere.org


Volunteers of all ages come by regularly, for special events, or as a group.

How to Sign Up

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