2014 | Artist | Samara Smith from Elsewhere on Vimeo.


On Hamburger Square, Samara Smith, New York, NY
digital audio and website

On Hamburger Square is a multimedia documentary tour of downtown Greensboro’s main crossroad at Hamburger Square that considers the square’s unique history and development through community interviews. Augmented reality links chapters of the narrative to objects in the square such as signs, buildings and monuments. Participants explore the square using a map and a mobile device. When they find and frame the decals with their screen, an audio montage related to that object plays. In this way, the project mixes scavenger hunt play and documentary inquiry, to invite the audience to explore the square while thinking about the history and communities that intersect there. Themes presented by the narrative include: the history of the railroad in Greensboro and its impact on the development of the city; how the physical infrastructure of the crossroads relates to the economic and social evolution patterns of American cities, as well as the square’s relationship to historical events from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Era and beyond.

To access the augmented reality version of the tour, download the Aurasma app and look for the circular sidewalk decals around Hamburger Square to get started.

The audio documentary is also available online at walkgso.com

This project was created by commission for Elsewhere’s South Elm Projects curatorial initiative to offer new ways to see and understand Elsewhere’s South Elm neighborhood and downtown environment. This project was funded by ArtPlace America.