Newsletters, Press Releases + Announcements

August 10th, 2019 “August Newsletter“, Elsewhere

July 30th, 2019 “North America’s Most Beautiful Arts and Music Residencies“, Flypaper

July 3rd, 2019 “July Newsletter“, Elsewhere

June 10th, 2019 “June Newsletter“, Elsewhere

May 20th, 2019 “Elsewhere raises over $50,000 in honor of Nancy Doll“, Elsewhere

May 2nd, 2019 “May Newsletter: Programs Manager Deadline Approaching“, Elsewhere

April 25th, 2019 “Elsewhere 2020 Call for Applications“, Elsewhere

April 18th, 2019 “Elsewhere – A Time of Growth and Forward Movement“, Elsewhere

April 5th, 2019 April Newsletter: “What’s New at the Museum “, Elsewhere

March 29th, 2019 “Press Release: Lumi Tan, The Kitchen Curator to Talk at Elsewhere Museum“, Elsewhere

March 14th, 2019 March Newsletter: “Meet Incoming Res #102!“, Elsewhere

February  16th, 2019 “Intern Call 2019“, Elsewhere

February 14th, 2019  “Elsewhere receives $25,000 from NEA“,Elsewhere

February 8th, 2019 “February Newsletter: Elsewhere’s Valentines + Artist Talks“, Elsewhere

January 16th, 2019 “ED Announcement“, Elsewhere

January 9th, 2019 “January Newsletter: SOCO Exhibition + Artist Happening“, Elsewhere

December 31st, 2018 “Announcing 2019 Residents“, Elsewhere

November 1st, 2018 “November Newsletter: Southern Constellations Opening + 1 Week till the Extravaganza“, Elsewhere

October 10th, 2018 “October Newsletter: Announcing SoCo Fellows + Extravaganza Approaching“, Elsewhere

October 9th, 2018 “Press Release: Announcing 6th Annual Southern Constellations Fellows“, Elsewhere

October 5th, 2018 “Supporting Artists“, Elsewhere

October 3rd, 2018 “Inspiring Wonder“, Elsewhere

September 18th, 2018 “September Newsletter: Annual Extravaganza November 10th“, Elsewhere

August 14th, 2018 “August Newsletter: Additional Saturday Hours!“, Elsewhere

June 28th, 2018 “July Newsletter: Application Deadline Approaching“, Elsewhere

June 7th, 2018 “Opportunities | Deadline Approaching!“, Elsewhere

June 1st, 2018 “June Newsletter: Applications Open“, Elsewhere

May 23rd, 2018 “Press Release: Elsewhere Receives NEA Grant for Artists in Healthcare“, Elsewhere

May 12th, 2018 “May Newsletter: Artist Talks!“, Elsewhere

May 4th, 2018 “Group Show in Bounce House Gallery“, Elsewhere

May 3rd, 2018 “Press Release: Elsewhere Seeks Executive Director“, Elsewhere

April 5th, 2018 “April Newsletter: Going Rural“, Elsewhere

March 31st, 2018 “Join this year’s, Radical Seder!“, Elsewhere

March 29th, 2018 “Join this year’s, Radical Seder!“, Elsewhere

March 9th, 2018 “March Newsletter: Celebrating New Artworks!“, Elsewhere

March 2nd, 2018 “March First Friday“, Elsewhere

February 9th, 2018 “Intern Call 2018“, Elsewhere

February 8, 2018 “Elsewhere Receives $35,000 from NEA,” Elsewhere

February 2, 2018 “Elsewhere Seeks Communications Manager,” Elsewhere

February 1, 2018 “ February: January Exhibition, Artist Talks, Seeking Communications Manager,” Elsewhere

January 10, 2018 “2017 Projects Now Online, Artist Talks & Dinner,” Elsewhere

December 27, 2017 “All Aboard The Membership,” Elsewhere

December 13, 2017 “Give The Gift of Elsewhere,” Elsewhere

December 1, 2017 “December: November Exhibition, I Don’t Do Boxes Launch Party, 2019 Artist Applications,” Elsewhere

August 30, 2017 “September: Baltimore Goes Elsewhere Exhibition, I Don’t Do Boxes Interest Meetings, Intern Artist Talks, Community Dinner,” Elsewhere

August 2, 2017 “Southern Constellations Exhibition, Baltimore Goes Elsewhere,” Elsewhere

July 11, 2017 “Artist Talks, Community Dinner,” Elsewhere

June 13, 2017 “Community Dinner: Spring Interns,” Elsewhere

May 4, 2017 “May: Thing Tank, May Exhibition, Artist Talks,” Elsewhere

April 7, 2017 “April: March  Exhibition, Radical Seder, Artist Talks,” Elsewhere

March 10, 2017 “March: Radical Seder, Artist Talks, I Wish to Say, Signe Speaks,” Elsewhere

February 1, 2017 “February: Applications Due, PICNIC, Upcoming Artist Talks, Elsewhere Went To Cuba,” Elsewhere

December 25, 2016 “Holiday Newsletter,” Elsewhere

December 7, 2016 “December: Southern Constellations Convergence, I Don’t Do Boxes Launch Party, Retrospective Show,” Elsewhere

November 30, 2016 “Call for Applications,” Elsewhere

November 2 “November: The Party’s Back In Politics, First Friday: October Artists, I Don’t Do Boxes,” Elsewhere

October 31, 2016 “CUBA!” Elsewhere

October 20, 2016 “Octobber: QueerLab + IDDB,” Elsewhere

October 20, 2016 “51 Pies for 50 States,” Elsewhere

October 7, 2016 “October: Political Party Nov. 8, Extravaganza: Thank you! I Don’t Do Boxes: Call to Action, Artist Talks,” Elsewhere

September 20, 2016 “Hidden Histories,” Elsewhere

September 7, 2016 “Extravaganza, Hidden Histories, August Artists-in-Residence, Calling All Queers!” Elsewhere

September 6, 2016 “2016 Annual Fundraising Extravaganza Kickstarter,” Elsewhere

August 3, 2016 “Museum Open!, Southern Constellations, August Artists-in-Residence, QueerLab 2016, Meet the 2016 Summer Interns,” Elsewhere

July 14, 2016 “Construction Complete, Southern Constellations, #MiamiGoesElsewhere Recap, All A-Board!” Elsewhere

June 22, 2016 “Pioneer Break-Ups,” Elsewhere

June 1, 2016 “Miami Goes Elsewhere, Paint with Us!, #RestoreElsewhere,” Elsewhere

May 10, 2016 “Elsewhere Summer Housing,” Elsewhere

May 5, 2016 “May: Annual Fundraising Extravaganza, Announcing Our 2017/17 Artists-in-Residence, First Friday: #GardenParty, End of Month Report,” Elsewhere

April 13, 2016 “April: Restoration Underway, Sixth Annual Passover Seder, May Garden Party,” Elsewhere

February 4, 2016 “February: FoodLab Spring Resiedncy, Miami Goes Elsewhere, Southern Constellations,” Elsewhere

December 9, 2015, “Elsewhere Receives NEA Grant for Fourth Year of Southern Constellations Program“, Elsewhere

December 3, 2015, “Call for Applications to Go Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

November 6, 2015, “November: South Elm Projects and Elsewhere’s Final Weekend of 2015 Events“, Elsewhere

October 30, 2015, “You’re Invited to Elsewhere’s South Elm Weekend“, Elsewhere

October 30, 2015, “Sports of All Sorts was a homerun thanks to you“, Elsewhere

October 21, 2015, “Final Edition of Thursday Artist Talks with Works Progress Studio“, Elsewhere

October 21, 2015, “New Dates – Nov. 7 +8 for Opening of The Porch Project: Black Lunch Tables“, Elsewhere

October 16, “Tomorrow is the big game – Sports of All Sorts“, Elsewhere

October 14, 2015, “This Weekend is Sports of All Sorts“, Elsewhere

October 13, 2015, “Even though you can’t ALL be there, we hope you’ll still join the team“, Elsewhere

October 10, 2015, “Sports of All Sorts, one week away“, Elsewhere

October 2, 2015, “October at Elsewhere: Sports of All Sorts, South Elm, & All the Things“, Elsewhere

October 1, 2015, “Opening Events for The Porch Project: Black Lunch Tables“, Elsewhere

September 24, 2015, “Sports of All Sorts is October 17! Tickets On Sale Now!“, Elsewhere

September 21, 2015, “Opening & Reception for NC-Based Southern Constellations Fellow“, Elsewhere

September 10, 2015, “Rowdy Square Dance for National Folk Festival After Party at Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

September 7, 2015, “September at Elsewhere : EXTRAVAGANZA Tickets on sale! South Elm Projects & More“, Elsewhere

August 20, 2015, “Renowned Public Artist Buster Simpson to create new artworks for South Elm Projects; Guest Artist Talk at Weatherspoon Art Museum on Thursday, Aug 27“, Elsewhere

August 19, 2015, “Opening & Reception for Southern Constellations Fellows on Aug. 22, 1-3pm“, Elsewhere

August 12, 2015, “South Elm Projects Artist Talk Thursday with Camp Little Hope“, Elsewhere

August 5, 2015, “Come to Elsewhere for a Thursday Artist Talk & First Friday Opening“, Elsewhere

August 5, 2015, “First Friday to Feature Public Opening for Two South Elm Projects“, Elsewhere

July 24, 2015, “Opening & Reception for Southern Constellations Fellows on August 1“, Elsewhere

July 23, 2015, “OLD SOUTH Film Screening Saturday at 9pm“, Elsewhere

July 16, 2015, “Save the Date for Elsewhere’s Annual Extravaganza on October 17“, Elsewhere

July 15, 2015, “Happening Now at Elsewhere : July Program + Event Updates“, Elsewhere

July 13, 2015, “Next South Elm public art projects will create community platforms to consider the dimensions of the city’s resources and public spaces“, Elsewhere

July 8, 2015, “Free Outdoor Screening of OLD SOUTH documentary on July 25″, Elsewhere

July 7, 2015, “Introducing 2015 Southern Constellations Fellows at Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

July 3, 2015, “Play the Field Every Saturday in July with South Elm Projects“, Elsewhere

July 1, 2015, “MU::IN Opens Urban Gray Ballroom with First Friday Performances“, Elsewhere

June 19, 2015, “Come over for dinner tomorrow at 7pm for a sound meal“, Elsewhere

June 13, 2015, “MU::IN Sound Practices Workshop on Saturday, 6.27“, Elsewhere

June 5, 2015, “June : MU::IN Sound Residency, I Don’t Do Boxes Launch, and South Elm Projects Update“, Elsewhere

May 26, 2015, “New York Foundation for the Arts: Resources, Support and Fundraising Tools for Artists at Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

May 25, 2015, “Elsewhere Museum Celebrates Spring Season of Youth Programming During June First Friday Event“, Elsewhere

May 7, 2015, “Visiting artists begin new public art works next week as part of South Elm Projects artscaping series“, Elsewhere

May 1, 2015, “May: Hopscotch, Visiting Artists, I Don’t Do Boxes“, Elsewhere

April 23, 2015, “Sound Artists To Transform Elsewhere’s Museum Into An Architectural Music Box“, Elsewhere

April 20, 2015, “Funding Successful to Restore Elsewhere’s Building on Kickstarter“, Elsewhere

April 16, 2015, “We’re Almost There! Kickstarter Ends Monday“, Elsewhere

April 10, 2015, “Restore Elsewhere Kickstarter Donation Match“, Elsewhere

April 9, 2015, “Meet South Elm Projects Artists and Neighbors“, Elsewhere

April 1, 2015, “Elsewhere Announces South Elm Projects Artists“, Elsewhere

April 1, 2015, “April: Artist Announcement, Kickstarter, & Museum Re-Opens Friday“, Elsewhere

March 30, 2015, “Kickstarter Match Happening Now“, Elsewhere

March 20, 2015, “Call for Submissions: I Don’t Do Boxes“, Elsewhere

March 13, 2015, “U Do the Math, Pi Day to Restore Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

March 11, 2015, “Elsewhere Launches Kickstarter to Restore Historic Building“, Elsewhere

March 11, 2015, “Kickstarter to Restore Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

February 26, 2015, “Elsewhere to Restore Its Historic Building Into Nation’s Only Artist-Created Live-Work Museum“, Elsewhere

February 26, 2015, “Elsewhere in 2015“, Elsewhere

February 24, 2015, “Elsewhere and WFU Campus Host Pancake Social at SECCA“, Elsewhere

February 20, 2015, “QueerLab Interest Meeting, Wed. Feb. 25“, Elsewhere

January 8, 2015, “Upcoming Deadlines for Residencies“, Elsewhere

December 14, 2014, “Holiday Gifts from Elsewhere“, Elsewhere

November 15, 2014, “Go Elsewhere 2015 | Call for Opportunities”, Elsewhere

October 29, 2014, “November | Converge at Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

October 21, 2014, “The Last Great Winter to Restore Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

October 11, 2014, “The Last Great Winter at Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

October 2, 2014, “October : The Last Great Winter is Here”, Elsewhere

September 4, 2014, “September : All the Fall Things”, Elsewhere

August 19, 2014, “Save the Date : The Last Great Winter”, Elsewhere

August 15, 2014, “Southern Constellations New Work Preview”, Elsewhere

August 2, 2014, “Upcoming Southern Constellations Events”, Elsewhere

August 1, 2014, “August : The Anticipation of Winter”, Elsewhere

July 3, 2014, “Call for Creative Placemaking Project Proposals”, Elsewhere

July 3, 2014, “Greensboro PICNIC, Aug 1 at Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

July 2, 2014, “July : Summer is Here”, Elsewhere

June 26, 2014, “Elsewhere Receives a 2014 ArtPlace America Grant for South Elm Projects”, Elsewhere

June 25, 2014, “Elsewhere to Host Process Talk with Southern Constellations Fellow Izel Vargas”, Elsewhere

June 20, 2014, “Elsewhere to Present at 9/50 Summit”, Elsewhere

June 4, 2014, “June : It’s Just the Beginning”, Elsewhere

May 16, 2014, “A Few Things: Elsewhere in the News and On Stage”, Elsewhere

May 9, 2014, “Elsewhere to Host Six Southern Artists for Experimental Residency Fellowships in its Living Museum”, Elsewhere

May 7, 2014, “Farm to Table Dinner and Fundraiser at Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

May 1, 2014, “May : TV, QueerLab, New Artists”, Elsewhere

April 25, 2014, “QueerLab Workshop: Vocal Improv and Songwriting”, Elsewhere

April 7, 2014, “Call for Queer Music, Art, Stories”, Elsewhere

April 7, 2014, “QueerLab Workshops 2014”, Elsewhere

March 28, 2014, “Announcing 2014 Artists in Residence”, Elsewhere

December 20, 2013, “Elsewhere Receives Second NEA Grant to Host Six Southern Artist Residency Fellowships”, Elsewhere

December 12, 2013, “Give the Gift of Curiosity, Join the Elsewhere MemberSHIP”, Elsewhere

December 9, 2013, “Call for Residency Applications”,  Elsewhere

October 4, 2013, “October: Floating Oceans, Constellations and Conversations, Elsewhere Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

September 4, 2013, “September: First Friday, Futures, and Tomorrow”, Elsewhere

August 1, 2013, “August: Tomorrow, Outgoings, All That Jazz”, Elsewhere

July 3, 2013, “July at Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

June 5, 2013, “QueerLab Launches First Edition of I Don’t Do Boxes”, Elsewhere

May 30, 2013, “Elsewhere Celebrates Tomorrow – our 3-Floor Fundraising Extravaganza”, Elsewhere

May 23, 2013, “Meet the Artists Tonight at Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

May 16, 2013, “NEA Fellowships Expand Southern Practices”, Elsewhere

May 8, 2013, “Resident Artists Create New Ways to Navigate Elsewhere”, Elsewhere

May 1, 2013, “Dine Together and Give Together at May First Friday Greensboro Picnic”, Elsewhere

April 26, 2013,  “Seed the Storybank and Double Your Membership”, Elsewhere

April 12, 2013, “Elsewhere Plans a Picnic, Calling for Story Project Proposals”, Elsewhere

April 3, 2013, “Elsewhere StoryBank Opens First Friday with Artists from Appalshop and Spirit House”, Elsewhere

March 26, 2013, “Elsewhere’s Living Museum Opens for the 2013 Season with a Stellar Lineup of Visiting Artists, Curators, and Collaborators”, Elsewhere

March 12, 2013, “Elsewhere A-Live and At-Hand at the Scrap Exchange”, Elsewhere

February 28, 2013, “Elsewhere Creative Retreats”, Elsewhere

February 22, 2013, “The Integral City, an Elsewhere and New School Urban Collaborative Initiative”, Elsewhere

February 4, 2013, “Elsewhere’s QueerLab Launches I Don’t Do Boxes”Elsewhere

January 31, 2013, “99 Books About Love at the Ackland Museum Store”, Elsewhere