Mimi Allin is a visual artist working with performance, photography and video. She uses her body as a visual territory for knowledge production, healing and exploration. Her practice is based in conceptual, performance art, photography and video. The practice’s conceptual intent seeks to activate a critical commentary on gender, power and human relationships. Allin’s work explores contemporary 4th wave feminist themes, encompassing oppressed/oppressor dynamics, the relationship between contemporary discourses about landscape and the self’s internal processes. Allin, while acknowledging death, also seeks paths of regeneration, opening a dialogue between relationship and function, in a proprietary culture that isolates the subject from its production. She reaches and teaches transformation by reclaiming her body and its charged relation to the landscape. The gestures in her work are poetic, ritual-based, seductive, fluid and playful. She falls cathartically in and out of rhythm with the world, aiming to elicit reflection and to disrupt the basic structures of things, real and imagined.