Elsewhere Memberships

Join a constellation of members around the globe who support the Elsewhere experience. Your donations ensure that Elsewhere continues to build a collaborative and magical future for Greensboro and artists around the world!

Membership includes free museum entry and free weekly tours, monthly mixers & dinners with artists, discounts on the annual extravaganza and digital treats that connect you directly with life inside the museum and beyond.

Special Offer

Buy a benefactor membership or member bundle between now and October 28th, 2017, and receive tickets to the hottest party of the year: Elsewhere’s Annual Extravaganza.

$24+ Student*
$36+ Individual
$120+ Champions + Families

All memberships are annual from date of membership and 100% tax-deductible.

Request student memberships by emailing museum@goelsewhere.org from a student email account. Family memberships’ benefits apply to 4 individuals (free admission, 3-floor tour, dinner with artists).

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Benefactor Memberships

$250+ Satellite (+3 extravaganza tickets)

supports daily public access to downtown’s most interactive museum

$500+ Planet (+4 extravaganza tickets)

supports educational programs for youth imagination and engagement

$750+ Stellar System (+6 extravaganza tickets)

supports national and global artist residencies in Greensboro

$1000+ Galaxy (+8 extravaganza tickets)

supports artists in the creation and commission of new work

$2500+ Universe (+10 extravaganza tickets)

supports curatorial residencies, exhibitions, and programming sending Elsewhere’s into the world

$5000+ Space-Time Continuum (+infinity extravaganza tickets)

supports futures for collaborative art practices

Become a part of the Elsewhere family- get your memberships here!

Thank you very very much to our generous members + benefactors. See them here.

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