The Kitchen, situated on the busiest & most public floor of the museum, was built in 2011 as a collaboration between artists J. Morgan Puett & Building Curator Ian Montgomery. They conceived the space as a functional installation, emphasizing openness & hospitality to both Elsewhere & the greater Greensboro community.

We keep our kitchen stocked with locally sourced vegetarian ingredients & costs low by collectively cooking, eating, cleaning & paying into the co-op. Residents and staff eat dinner as a group and participate in post-meal cleans Wednesday-Saturdays.

For more information on monthly, public, community dinners: goelsewhere.org/dinner. For daily kitchen + dinner updates, check out @elsewherekitchen on Instagram.




J. Morgan Puett + Ian Montgomery, Kitchen Commons, 2011

March 25, 2011 – April 9, 2011
places: 1st Floor, Kitchen

Kitchen Commons was a collaboration between Morgan and Ian Montgomery, our Building Curator. To go from common kitchen to Kitchen Commons involved a durational process of discussion, design and construction in order to conceive of the space as a functional installation emphasizing openness and hospitality to communities outside of ours.




2010 | 3.16 Time Lapse | Dishroom
from Elsewhere on Vimeo.