Internships at Elsewhere offer a creative and professional opportunity to work within a dynamic alternative arts organization run by a small artist/curatorial-team. Elsewhere interns assist curators and directors with organizational, artistic, and community based projects that advance the museum. Interns support the curatorial team in areas of artistic production, museum programs, education, communication, and nonprofit administration.

We welcome applications from dedicated, helpful visionaries interested in supporting Elsewhere’s staff and artists to build a more collaborative, creative world. This internship is good for post undergraduate age applicants with a dedication to creative culture and arts administration. There is a long history of exceptional interns who have left their mark at Elsewhere. Each season we strive to create a dynamic ensemble that helps run the museum, deliver programs, connect with audiences, and participate in the experience of living at Elsewhere.  Through an internship we hope to provide you with an understanding of the workings of an experimental alternative non-profit arts organization and pick up skills that might leverage you for a life in the arts. Interns participate in a collaborative work environment, learn from fellow creatives, and acquire access to an international network of Elsewhere alumni. Elsewhere interns have gone on to work at other small and large arts institutions, design agencies, and non-profit community organizations.

There are 3 Internship sessions during the Winter, Summer and Fall. Each session is 3-4 months. Interns commit to 20-32 hrs per week. A limited number of housing spots are available for interns who wish to live on-site. Onsite interns must contribute 32 hours a week (Wed- Sat, 11-7pm) in order to receive free housing. Access to the food co-op which provides a locally sourced, fully stocked vegetarian pantry, equipped kitchen, and prepared dinners 5 days is available for $50/ week.



Elsewhere’s environment is highly stimulating, conceptual, and social – a space of incredible material density and continuous public activity. The museum itself is composed of layers of artwork and objects.

It is also a public home. There are no white walls or blank spaces. Artists and Interns live on the second floor, which includes the artist-built boarding house as well as installation work. The kitchen, itself an installation, is part of the museum and exhibits Elsewhere’s highly organized, cooperative, social, and living practices to public visitors. Public studios include a wood shop, fabric workshop, techlab, storefront theater, vintage wardrobe, garden, and communal kitchen. Elsewhere also provides artists with access to a neighboring makerspace.

Elsewhere is situated in downtown Greensboro, a revitalizing center of a small southern city.  With five universities and a tremendous historical and social legacy of textiles and civil rights, there is a lot of creative and critical work happening. Elsewhere is set within the historic downtown, among shops, eateries, and activist churches, but also within food deserts, gentrifying neighborhoods, and empty buildings. We share our block with a co-working space, a makerspace, a piano restorer, a sneaker shop, a pizza church, a contemporary art space and several antique stores. We partner with social and justice organizations, downtown neighborhood associations, public schools, non-profits, universities and city departments. Elsewhere shares space with the Queer People of Color Collective (QPOCC) and is a site for community building, social organizing and direct action. As a post-industrial, southern city with progressive roots, Greensboro citizens are actively invested in fostering social, economic, and racial equity. These concerns have always been part of the city’s fabric.



All interns must be available to begin on the session start date. Interns who choose to live onsite must attend throughout the duration of the internship. Interns who choose to live off site have flexibility with end dates.


SUMMER | 4.25 -9.5

FALL | 9.12 – 12.19


WINTER | 1.2 – 5.8


Limited housing in the museum is available to interns who participate 32 hours a week. Onsite interns are provided with free housing, which includes a cozy private nook in a shared room.  See residential spaces here.

The onsite interns fee ($50/ week) offers access to the fully equipped Kitchen Commons and locally sourced food co-op. The food co-op hosts family dinners 4 days/week and do-it-yourself provisions 24-hours /7 days a week. All participants in the food co-op, including residents and staff, are asked to cook one night per week and clean collectively after shared meals. See kitchen info here.

The $250 internship deposit, due upon acceptance, will be applied to your total Food Co-op fee.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Support from Elsewhere’s curatorial team.
  • Access to museum workshops equipped for construction, textiles, screen printing, book arts, and membership to neighboring maker-spaces The Forge and C.V.A. See Elsewhere’s list of equipment here.
  • Online and on-site presentation of work produced with artists. See examples of Elsewhere projects here.
  • A collaborative work environment to experiment and learn with fellow creatives.
  • Participation in an international network of alumni artists. See past artists here.

Resident Room

Resident room created by artists Mary Rothlisberger, Jay Gamble and Angela Zammarelli, 2012.

Kitchen Commons studio created by artist J. Morgan Puett, 2011.



Interns assist under an Elsewhere department (Programs, Communications, Operations, House). The curator of that department serves as a guide and mentor for the duration of their participation. Internship projects are based on needs of the week, upcoming events, artist’s projects and programs. Interns will be invited to list up to three positions by order of preference in the online application. 

Positions include:

Operations Department: Operations Intern

Communications Department: Communications Intern + Media Intern

Programs Department: Program Intern + Production Intern

House Department: House Intern

See detailed descriptions for positions below.


Internship Responsibilities

  • Supports museum and non-profit operations
  • Assists in admin of front desk systems, contact lists, mailings, and non-profit needs
  • Assists membership program–contacts, calls, surveys, connection with members
  • Supports museum front desk operations and orientations
  • Supports fundraising via grants, sponsorships

Suggested Skills

  • Interest in museum administration, non-profit management and interest in grant work.
  • Organized, independent worker with basic understanding of google docs, spreadsheets and calendars
  • Comfortable interacting with publics and working with people of all backgrounds
  • Interested in administration and organizational functioning as an art form
  • Has a valid driver’s license (car a +)


Internship Responsibilities

  • Maintains kitchen systems
  • Oversees dinner meals and most cooking shifts
  • Supports garden systems
  • Keeps common areas functional spaces
  • Assists residents, staff, and museum visitors in use of house
  • Supports hospitality set-up and production of food & drink for museum events, meetings and space rentals
  • Supports issues related to the kitchen, building, or living systems
  • Documents living activities: group meals + cleans + general house maintenance

Suggested Skills

  • experience working in a kitchen and cooking for large groups
  • interest in cleaning, organizing, homesteading, garden and building
  • Comfortable motivating, instructing, and leading groups
  • Patient and personable, a creative problem solver
  • organized, detail-oriented, efficient and able to multi-task
  • Can lift 50lbs and work on their feet for long hours
  • Has a valid driver’s license (car a +)
  • Coordinates resident travel and general duties of the artist residency program and museum
  • Interest in administrative duties google docs and google calendars recommended
  • Artistic and creative in ways of the everyday life


Internship Responsibilities

  • Helps design communication materials for print and web
  • Assists in the creation of press and public materials
  • Distributes communications materials (fliers, social media)
  • Supports operation, administration and organization of tech and media equipment
  • Social Media

Suggested Skills

  • Organized, independent worker with administrative skills including understanding of google docs and google calendars
  • graphic design skills (use of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Copy editing
  • Interest in advertising, PR, marketing, etc
  • Public skills in interacting with businesses
  • Is comfortable and excited to work closely with artists, curators and community stakeholders of all backgrounds
  • Has a valid driver’s license (car a +)


Internship Responsibilities

  • Documents Elsewhere programs and projects through photo, video and audio
  • Creates photographic scenes for media outlets
  • Work with media archive and support tech and media in the museum
  • Occasionally assist artist with media based projects
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

Suggested Skills

  • Great visual eye
  • Advanced knowledge of either digital photo, video or audio production and post production.
  • Photo, video, audio editing skills (Lightroom, Photoshop and FCPX)
  • Is comfortable and excited to work closely with artists, curators and community stakeholders of all backgrounds


Intern Responsibilities

  • Assists in the planning and production of public museum events and artist projects
  • Serves as a museum docent and tour guide
  • Supports front desk operations
  • Assists in the development of curriculum and lesson plans
  • Assists with workshop preparation and facilitation
  • Maintains museum info, such as community cal, event cal, curatorial signage
  • Supports outreach for museum, residency and education with local community

Suggested Skills

  • Experience working with publics, as a docent, in customer service or community outreach
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences
  • Has good people skills and can tell a story effectively
  • Must be outgoing and comfortable with people of all backgrounds and ages (communicating, collaborating, working, hosting)
  • Experience with media or technology-based education
  • Must be self-motivated, highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented and able to multi-task
  • Not afraid of technology (projectors, mics, sound systems)
  • Design sensibility for museum infographics (chak signs, educational signage, artist tags)
  • Comfortable with running errands related to public programs
  • Interest in being an artist assistance
  • Has a valid driver’s license (car a +)


Internship Responsibilities

  • Assists curators and artists in the production, installation, preservation and maintenance of projects (residency, commision, event or museum)
  • Assists with curating, managing, maintaining and arranging the collection of artworks and things
  • Assists with upkeep of studio facilities & tools
  • Supports the appearance and creative legibility of Elsewhere’s museum

Suggested Skills

  • Advance building skills related to sculpture, installation, painting and experience with power tools
  • Knowledge of materials–wood, metal, glass, fabric etc
  • Comfortable with buildings and building infrastructures
  • Basic knowledge of sewing and textiles
  • Interest in being an artist assistance
  • Safe, confident, organized
  • Comfortable with multitasking and time management
  • Must be an effective communicator and comfortable working with people of all backgrounds
  • Capable of running errands related to the production of projects (car a +)
  • Interest in curation, interior architecture or museum displays encouraged
  • Can lift 50lbs and work and think on their feet
  • Has a valid driver’s license (car a +)


Apply Here: Internship Application

Please check back soon for information on the next application window for 2018 internship positions.

Online applications require written responses to questions and a portfolio (which can be a link to your website or a PDF). You will find PDF guidelines in application



Please note: Applications are accepted for all sessions. Positions will remain open until filled.

APPLICATION DUE: Friday, June 23rd, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.

REVIEW: All applicants are reviewed by individual Elsewhere staff to ensure applicants gets adequate time, space and accurate representation of their work. Top candidates receive an interview. A group review of top interviewees curates the final six per session.

NOTIFICATION: July 8th, 2017. If you have not heard from us by this date please contact museum@goelsewhere.org

DEPOSIT DUE: If accepted, you will be asked to put down a non-refundable deposit of $250 by the end of April. This deposit acts as confirmation of your acceptance, secures your spot and will go towards your living fee with the remainder due upon arriving. Due to the competitive nature of our internship program we strongly discourage cancellations but understand that opportunities will arise. In these cases please give us as much adequate notice as possible to ensure refund of your deposit and placement for other interested applicants.

Questions can be directed to museum@goelsewhere.org.