If you included a link to your website in application above, the PDF is not necessary. Please submit online application before uploading your PDF portfolio.


  • Size: 10 MB maximum
  • Name:Full Name | 2018 Internship ’
  • Work samples should include CV/Resume and one of the following submissions:

IMAGES: 5 still images (JPEG, max 1200 pixels on long edge) with captions of 400 characters or less.

TIME-BASED:  URLs to specific work (on Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.) with captions of 400 characters or less, providing context to piece and parameters to limit experience to approx. 5 minutes.

TEXT: 1 page maximum. Each text piece should include a contextual summary of 400 characters or less.

COMBINATION: If you are submitting images, text, audio, and video in combination please use best judgment (ie. 2 images and 2.5 minutes video total). Each work should have a caption of 400 characters or less.