Here, at Elsewhere, our mission is to build collaborative futures so the museum teamed up with a local artist, professor, and entrepreneur Darlene McClinton to do just that. X Black artists and X volunteers teamed up to create a visual narrative of purity, possibility, and pride.

The mural starts with a hand passing down a seed to a young Black girl and we follow her as she ages. Through her reflection, she abandons shame and is able to look back on her life without resentment. This mural blossomed from pain but it is not limited by it. The butterfly wings are proof of this. Something beautiful happens when Black people tell their stories, everybody gets inspired.



Darlene McClinton
Jamin Guinyard
Neidy Perdomo
Karena “Kidd” Graves
Tambra Parsons
Quadasia “Lady Q” Prescod
Xavier Carrington
Phillip Marsh


Matthew Giddings
Jennifer Meanley
Derek Toomes
Thea Cohen