Photo Credit: Guido Villalba Portel

In Living Memory, Matthew Evan Taylor (Miami, FL)
Miami Goes Elsewhere. June 2016. Performance and installation: china marker + window painted musical scores on lexan.

Elsewhere’s encouragement of patrons to touch and move objects on display cultivates a uniquely vibrant atmosphere in the “living museum.” In Living Memory applies these interactive collaborative principles to classical musical scoring, reading, and performing.

In Living Memory consists of four different musical scores installed in multiple locations throughout the museums 3 floors. Taylor’s compositions are interpretations of place, available for alteration by museum visitors. The piece challenges traditions around notation as a secret language by including public participation regardless of musical knowledge. Musicians are also invited to perform the now layered and absurdist markings as they change over time, giving further sound and life to Elsewhere Museum.

Photo credit: Amelia Nura

Photo credit: Guido VIllalba Portel