Horses at the Museum is a trio of projects that reflect Lee Deigaard’s ongoing exploration of interspecies thresholds of shared experience, and human desire to connect with the animal kingdom.


Gus and Deuce Go Elsewhere. Deigaard invited two horses, Gus and Deuce,  to visit museum.  They decided to enter the building, explore the permanent collection, sample from a horse-pitality platter, and experience unfamiliar people, things, textures, scents, and sounds. With with James Cooler and Kate Finnerty Cooler of Cooler Natural Horsemanship. Documentation contributed by Lee Deigaard, Mitchell Oliver, Valerie Wiseman, and Martha Whittington. Horse-pitality platter by Emily Ensminger and Jennie Carlisle.



Field Trip. As a gesture of community outreach, Deigaard took highlights from Elsewhere’s collection out on tour to bring the museum’s holding to a new audience: horses.




One Day. An overhead projector in Elsewhere’s Collaboratory, casts an image of a ghost horse that appears to gallop through the room.