Hamida Khatri is an artist, writer, curator, arts educator, community activist, and a creative arts therapist, raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and living in Baltimore, U.S. She works in a variety of mediums, from figurative drawings, to photography, to sculptural puppets, to animation. She holds an MFA in Community Arts and a Certificate in Teaching from the Maryland Institute College of Art (U.S.), Certificate in Humanistic Counseling (U.K.), and an MBA in Marketing (Pakistan). Her personal work embodies the spirit of feminist ideologies and seeks to document the uncharted memories of domesticated women, within patriarchal societies. As the Founder and Director of ‘Creative Therapy Platform — A Voluntary Travel-Community Project, she helps transform space into healthy communal place where meditative art-making is practiced.

During her residency at Elsewhere, Khatri created City of Scraps.