The 2017 Fundraising Extravaganza: ‘The Big Bang’ lead partygoers through layers of time as they explored the 3 floors of the museum featuring artworks, music, food, craft cocktails & performances

On Saturday, October 28th (Halloween weekend)guests arrived in costume to celebrate a fantastic season with the best all-night fundraising art party in the world’s only thrift store turned museum!


Your support ensures Elsewhere continues to build an exceptional and magical future for Greensboro and artists around the world!


To view all photos from the party visit Elsewhere’s Facebook Page.

To view all photos from the party photobooth visit Elsewhere’s Facebook Page.

Sponsors & Performers

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Our sponsors and performers allowed partygoers to traverse layers of time as they climbed three floors full of artisanal food, color transforming craft cocktails, sword fights, ghost stories, costuming, live music, dance parties, and much more!

Artists & Performers:

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