A Love To Last 13 Hours, Pioneer Winter (Miami, FL) Miami Goes Elsewhere Fellow. June 2016. Performance documentation. Installation with broken glass shards, glass cabinets, interview audio recordings. Photo Credit: Gui Villalba Portel

Exchange Fellowships explore emerging local ecologies of contemporary art production in key, national Metropols. The inaugural program in 2015 highlighted Chicago, 2016 focused on Miami, 2017 centered around Baltimore, and for 2019 we look to Philadelphia.

This curated fellowship residency serves as an incubator for collaborative creation and critical artwork while building networks among a regional common field of alternative artists and organizations. Elsewhere seeks creatives with compelling, critical, socially engaged work and a commitment to Philadelphia who demonstrate conceptual and aesthetic experimentation.  Exchange Fellows receive full funding to attend the month-long residency, including room and board in the historic museum, with additional travel support, and a $1000 honorarium. Fellows are specially featured in the press, public events, and exhibitions.

Applicants eligible for this Fellowship are required to indicate so on the residency application and answer an additional question. Fellowships are strengthened through nominations from professional artists, curators, collectors, and university educators, but anyone eligible can apply. Applicants are encouraged to express if they are interested in the residency without Fellowship, as the program is very competitive (five offered, approx. 30 applications received).  This will not hurt your ability to receive a Fellowship.

Exchange Fellowships are funded by an award from the NC Arts Council.


Department No. 1, Beau Vasseur (Baltimore, MD) Baltimore Goes Elsewhere Fellow. August 2017. Installation view. Found objects, acrylic on wooden shelves. Photo Credit: Gui Villalba Portel

To be eligible for the Exchange Fellowship applicants must be based and actively invested in Philadelphia, PA and able to attend a full month-long residency, participating fully in all aspects of the program. Elsewhere seeks residents who have demonstrated a commitment of applied skills, design intention, site-specific interest, and community participation.

Fellowships are primarily based on nominations from a group of over +30 Philadelphia arts professionals in order to expand a regional network of experimental practitioners, and foster an exciting cohort of exceptional residents. In an effort to reach those we don’t know and create space for those operating outside our artistic networks, self-nominated applications are also welcome. Applicants, especially those nominated and hearing about Elsewhere for the first time, should thoroughly review the Residency webpage to ensure Elsewhere is indeed a good fit.

Fellows are required to indicate and answer an additional question on the residency application. This curated fellowship program is very competitive (offered to five individuals with approx. 80 applications), thus candidates are encouraged to express on the application if they are interested in the residency without Fellowship. This will not hurt your ability to receive Fellowship.




Baltimore Fellows from left: McAfee, Khatri, Denton, Camlin, Vasseur


Antonio McAfee
Project: The Break In The Game

April Camlin
Project: To Climb The Mountain

Beau Vasseur
Project: Department No. 1

Gina Alexandra Denton
Project: Big Girl Wanna Play Too

Hamida Khatri
Project: City of Scraps & Nameless

2016 | MIAMI GOES ELSEWHERE  | 6.8 – 7.6

Juana Valdes
Project: Those the Sun Has Loved

Emma Rosenberg
Project: A Meditation on Scatology

Pioneer Winter
Project: A Love to Last 13 Hours

Jesse Laino
Project: 4MIL

Matthew Evan Taylor
Project: In Living Memory

Patricia Margarita Hernandez
Project: Once Again The World is Flat

2015 | CHICAGO GOES ELSEWHERE  | 6.10 – 7.5

Lead Curator: Shannon Stratton

Troy Briggs

John Brumit

Michael Milano

David More
Project: Pepsi Mountain State Park

Jeff Kolar
Project: Doorbells

Meredith Kooi