I think art has something to do with reality, truth, identity, access, misunderstanding, play, thing-hood, and possibly foolishness. There is also tragedy, comedy, and circus. These things sort of crash against each other, like a gyroscope of perception and experience, and whatever there is outside of that. I like to work collaboratively, creating a collective search party; a discursive art practice that uses play, improvisation, and the real world to feel our intersecting identities at work. Sometimes this looks like sculpture. At other times it looks more like an improvised play, or immersion journalism, or Kaprow’s Happenings, or any number of art actions. I have a BFA from Indiana University’s sculpture program. I’m moving towards an art practice in which I look at art making, arts administration and empowerment, and public activism and volunteerism as overlapping and sometimes indistinguishable practices. I’m excited to enact my internship with Elsewhere as a manifestation of this approach to art-doing.