EMERIE SNYDER announced at age five that her hobby was “thinking about lots of things.” It’s still true. Emerie is a NYC-based theatre director and creator of new performance work, focusing on site-responsive theatre, relationships between visual art and theatre, and solo performance. Current projects in development include EXHIBIT, an immersive gallery tour play; DUTIFUL VICTIMS, a site-specific theatre experiment inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s Victims of Duty; TRANSMISSION, a participatory performance sermon by Gwydion Suilebhan; and THIS IS LIKE THAT, a slide lecture play by Michael Sean Cirelli. Emerie is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, a New Georges Affiliated Artist, and the Arts Curator for Warren Saint Marks Community Garden in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

During Snyder’s residency, she created This is not a Museum Tour.