Edison Peñafiel is an Ecuadorian visual artist living in South Florida. He studied Fine Arts and Art History at the Florida International University, Miami (2016). Having experienced and witnessed first-hand one of the turn of century’s everlasting dilemma—immigration and the economic/political instability in Ecuador/South America, Peñafiel brings the ambiguity of personal experience to global contexts. His installations are most often framed in paradoxical and absurd representations of specific events. Composing with video, drawing, sculpture, and animation, he transforms serious social incidents into potent poetic allegories. Conscious of our innumerable perspectives to interpret the world, Peñafiel uses large projections that blend with actual environments, extending his bizarre video and animated scenes into our reality.

During his residency at Elsewhere, Peñafiel created Ni Aqui, Ni Alla (Neither Here Nor There).