Since 2003 Elsewhere, a museum and artist residency in downtown Greensboro, NC, has supported internationally recognized site-specific programs and public engagement.

Elsewhere’s bi-annual Cross-Sectors research Residency embeds artists within non-arts industries to build partnerships through project research and proposals, modeling the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration. The 2020 residency Cross-Sectors: HealthCare, takes place within Union Square Campus, a state-of-the-art education facility that supports nursing programs for three universities and Cone Health’s regional hospital system. Union Square students can practice essential skills on computer-operated (yet life-like) mannequins that simulate everything from mild symptoms to complex health problems. Students work through specialized scenarios occurring for real-life patients through a “mini-hospital” that includes mock operating ICU, labor, delivery, and at-home health care environments. Local nurses from Cone Health also pursue continuing education courses, sustaining workforce retention and improving health care delivery.

Cross-Sectors: HealthCare aims to introduce creative ways of bringing art into the service of human care, especially in the clinical and patient setting. Four Artists-in-Residence, working at the intersection of such topics as science, technology, and human care, will utilize the campus resources to observe and engage with students, faculty, administrators, and stakeholders of Greensboro’s regional healthcare system to deepen research into health technologies and training. Focus areas, based on Cone Health’s understanding of the health and wellness needs in the Triad, include empathy, well-being, and access to care.

After the two-week residency period, residents will produce proposals for a site-specific, public art project. Greensboro health experts, campus officials, artists, and community organizations, will be invited to provide feedback and vote on their favorite project(s) for commission.



Cross-Sectors: HealthCare is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.Realized in partnership with the Cone Health Innovation Lab and Union Square Campus.

With additional guidance from Gateway Research Park, artist selection support from Magnolia House, and Arts Greensboro and national nominators. 



Session 1 | 1.23 – 2.6

Session 2 | 3.12 – 3.26


Clinical Instructor guides students through a simulated birth using SimMom and SimBaby technology in the Delivery Lab. Photograph by Martin W. Kane, 2018.Elsewhere Resident engages Greensboro community in Elsewhere public programming on S. Elm St.

Talk | Feb 01

Justus Harris + Ghost of a Dream


Talk | March 21

Sareh Imani + Piero Passacantando


Happenings | Jun 05

Proposal reveal + community forum