APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 7, 2019 at 2 pm EST.

Since 2003, Elsewhere, a living museum and artist residency set inside a former thrift store has supported internationally recognized site-specific programs and public engagement through its mission to build more collaborative futures. Elsewhere’s Cross-Sectors research Residency, occurring bi-annually, embeds artists within non-arts industries to build partnerships through project research and proposals to model the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration. 

The 2020 residency Cross-Sectors: HealthCare, takes place within Union Square Campus, a state-of-the-art education facility that supports nursing programs for three universities and Cone Health’s regional hospital system. The Residency aims to introduce creative ways of bringing art into the service of human care, especially in the clinical and patient care setting. 

Artists-in-Residence, working at the intersection of such topics as science, technology or human care, will utilize the campus resources, to observe and engage with students, faculty, administrators, and stakeholders of Greensboro’s regional healthcare system to deepen research into health technologies and training. After the two-week funded residency period, residents will return in June 2020 to propose site-specific, public art projects for a new work commission.


Cross-Sectors: HealthCare is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and supported by Cone Health, Union Square Campus, and Gateway Research Park.



Clinical Instructor guides students through a simulated birth using SimMom and SimBaby technology in the Delivery Lab. Photograph by Martin W. Kane, 2018.

For the Cross-Sectors: HealthCare research-residency, artists over the course of two weeks will utilize Union Square Campus and the Cone Health Innovation Lab to engage with students, faculty, administrators and health care providers in Greensboro to deepen research into health technologies and clinical training.

Union Square’s state-of-the-art center enables students pursuing associate, bachelor, and doctoral degrees in nursing to practice essential skills on computer-operated (yet life-like) mannequins that simulate everything from mild symptoms to complex health problems. Students work through specialized scenarios occurring for real-life patients through a “mini-hospital” that includes mock operating ICU, labor, delivery, and at-home health care environments. Local nurses from Cone Health also pursue continuing education courses, sustaining workforce retention and improving health care delivery.

Focus areas include empathy, well-being, and access to care, among other things, and are based on Cone Health’s understanding of the health and wellness needs in the Greensboro area.

In June 2020, residents will return to propose site-specific, public art projects for a new work commission voted on by community members. The public, including health experts, campus officials, national artists, and community organizations, will be invited to provide feedback and vote on their favorite projects for potential funding.



*Residents are required to attend entire sessions, presenting a public artist talk during that time and return to Greensboro June 2020 to share their project proposal with community members.

  • Session 1 | 1.23.2020 – 2.6.2020
  • Session 2 | 3.12.2020 – 3.26.2020 


As a resident, you receive:


  • Up to $3000/resident + travel stipend


  • A cozy private bed nook in Elsewhere’s shared boarding dormitory. See residential spaces here.
  • Access to Elsewhere’s fully equipped Kitchen Commons. See the kitchen here.
  • Locally sourced vegetarian ingredients purchased and shopped for weekly or grown in Elsewhere’s garden are offered through the Food Co-op.


  • Elsewhere’s curatorial team stewards the creative process provides critical feedback, supports public events, and facilitates connections with Greensboro neighbors and our international network.
  • Documentation, promotion, press, and social media opportunities. See examples here.
  • Presentation of your work archived online and on-site. See examples of artist projects here.


  • Unique work environments including clinical settings and Elsewhere’s museum to learn with fellow creatives and health-care stakeholders.
  • Public engagement and programming opportunities.
  • Participation in E.T.C. (Elsewhere Tenured Collaborators), our international network of alumni artists. See past artists here.

MEMBERSHIPSee benefits here.

For Your Consideration:

  • We cannot accommodate significant others and/or collaborators, etc. who were not included in the original application. Our residency cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18.
  • We only allow trained service animals with official paperwork & cannot make policy exceptions for pets.
  • While a rustic environment, Elsewhere had recent renovations inclusive of HVAC, safety egress and evacuation systems (fire monitoring, alarms, sprinklers, exits), as well as ADA accessibility on the 1st floor. All bathrooms are single-stall and gender-neutral.
  • There is no on-site access to laundry.


Elsewhere Resident engages Greensboro community in Elsewhere public programming on S. Elm St.

Elsewhere’s environment is highly stimulating, conceptual, and social. The Museum hosts an incredible density of materials, contemporary artworks, and continuous public activity. Projects engage Elsewhere’s Museum as a platform for creative, performative, research-based, and curatorial experimentation. The Museum is also a home for residents and education-based programs.

Elsewhere is situated in Greensboro, NC a revitalizing mid-size, southern city with progressive roots most notable for its historical and social legacy of the textile industry and civil rights. This post-industrial city boasts 5 universities and a rich arts community. Greensboro citizens are actively invested in fostering social, economic, and racial equity— these concerns have always been part of the city’s fabric.

Elsewhere is an anchor within the south end of the downtown. We share our block with contemporary art spaces, historic activist churches, a piano restorer, sneaker store, barbershop, cat café, numerous restaurants, and an expanding community of entrepreneurs. We partner with social and justice organizations, neighborhood associations, public schools, non-profits, universities, and city departments and are a host site for community building, social organizing, and direct action.

For the Cross-Sectors: HealthCare program, we are partnering with the neighboring Union Square Campus,  one block away, as well as with Cone Health’s Innovation Lab. Union Square, part of the Gateway Research Park, aims to bridge Greensboro’s wealth of educational assets into economic and cultural successes by bringing together institutions- including Cone Health, North Carolina A&T State University (NC A&T), Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC), and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). Cone Health is committed to connecting healthcare and well being, weaving a tradition of it through the fabric of the Triad community. As a system, Cone Health continues to transition from simply defining health as the absence of illness to defining health as comprehensive physical, mental and social well-being.



Union Square's SimMan--a high-tech mannequin--waits for consultation with nurses. Photo Credit: Gui Portel

*Please review all tabs on this webpage to ensure this program is the best fit for your needs*

DEADLINE: August 7, 2019 at 2 pm EST.


REVIEW: Elsewhere staff check applications to ensure completion and eligibility. Submissions are then reviewed by a dynamic group of professionals who work in the art and healthcare fields. We take great care in this process to ensure committed, talented, diverse and engaged residents are chosen, and that all applications get adequate attention.

NOTIFICATION: All applicants will be informed of their status by November 2019. If you have not heard from us by this date, please contact residency@goelsewhere.org.

FINALISTS: Applicants accepted into this curated residency sign a contract within a month of acceptance. These act as confirmation and is required to secure your spot.

Elsewhere does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, expression or parents/guardians with children. Elsewhere shares a radically expansive understanding of creative practice and identity. We strive for a diverse representation of voices, life experiences, views, and interests to reflect the collaborative community we have and wish to serve. To decolonize systemic structures of institutional oppression, we encourage queer creatives of color to apply. If there are accessibility needs or questions, please contact residency@goelsewhere.org.