Using materials from the collection and their experience as past Elsewhere residents, Elsewheres Tenured Collaborators(E.T.C. Network) Jay Gamble, Mary Rothilisberger, and Angela Zammerilli, transformed the second floor of Elsewhere’s museum into comfortable, open platforms for living and collaborative art making.

Conceptually exploring the line between public and private working/living environments within this institution, the collaborators set out to accommodate contemporary creative needs within a very unusual setting while critically eulogizing the history of the space that came before them. This process involved excavation, conversation (oral histories of spaces/places), consideration, restoration, preservation, and installation.

They designed a series of specific sculptural foundations for intentional upbuilding in each room that provided privacy but encouraged creative addition to new living systems that would interact symbiotically with the rooms’ material history. In addition to these rooms-within-rooms and historical vignettes, there is a general studio system (desks, chairs, lamps, electricity, shelves, drawers, push boards, night lights, signature spaces) for private practice studio work. The elements in each space were arranged to allow for a new and innovative traffic flow between rooms (referencing its early days as a boarding house) and the larger architectural schema of Elsewhere. For more information on this project visit Mary Rothilisbergers website.