Clare is a doctoral candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University in their Media, Art, and Text (MATX) program, which might be called Visual Studies anywhere else. She came to that space as a participant in an artist’s pedagogical project – the Sponge HQ, 2010 to 2016 – on the top floor of the VCU’s Anderson Gallery, where there was a beehive, a fish tank full of plecs and neon tetras, a discarded skate board and a felted library platform in a hard to define but restful color.

Clare needle felted sea sponges, with others, and swarmed the MoMA one weekend as part of a disciplinary rethinking of what participatory art practice might be in the company of installation from Mildred’s Lane and Reggio Emilia. Late one night, shortly thereafter, she realized she wanted to really study what had led to this cultural moment. As a European arts professional who had moved from educative roles to ones of more directorial leanings Clare leant that she spoke best from the point of the art and just occasionally, in the art.