Chris Cloud


Artist, Curator, and Culture Maker, Chris Cloud (b. 1983) is a fixture in Minneapolis’s creative milieu. Cloud has made collaboration and experimentation major components of his practice. He was the co-founder of MPLS.TV, an online Do-It-Together video network and MPLSzine, a submissions-based digital publication. Cloud exhibited work in June 2015 for “Last Year On The Internet” in Chicago, IL at Ordinary Projects as part of the collaborative Negative Jam with Former Elsewhere Resident Lea Devon Sorrentino and “SLOVV” as a part of the group exhibition “Brilliance: Made Here” in Minneapolis, MN, which was organized by Former Elsewhere Resident Joan Vorderbruggen. Cloud concentrates his practice on conceptual interdisciplinary projects that may include video, installation, performance, and mixed media and typically combine medium-hearted humor and irony.

Chris created Chasing Freedom during his time at Elsewhere.