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Guess who's coming to dinner (or the last supper)

Guess who’s coming to dinner (or the last supper)

Alma Leiva (Miami, FL) Southern Constellations Fellow. February 2019. Video documentation of curated dinner in collaboration with Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts. 9 min 2 secs. Inkjet prints, embroidery, and poetry on museum collection fabric; ongoing collection of stories. 264” x 138” in. Live music performance in collaboration with Joshua Marquez. Guess who’s coming to dinner is a research-based interdisciplinary...
Keeping Young & Living Longer

Keeping Young & Living Longer

Kevin Brophy (Tampa, FL / Pittsburgh, PA) + Rosa Nussbaum (Austin, TX) Southern Constellations Fellows. February 2019. Performance video documentation displayed inside sculpture. 13 min 44 secs. Museum collection fabric, thread, stuffing, books; programmed Raspberry Pi with video. Brophy and Nussbaum’s Keeping Young & Living Longer: How to stay Active & Healthy past 100, or How to avoid Life Shortening Errors (Full Title)...