AVAILABLE POSITION Fear No Joy, Zeelie Brown (Brooklyn, NY / Pollard, AL). Southern Constellations Fellow. July 2017. Performance documentation. Cello, bleach on denim, ribbons, roses.

Elsewhere is seeking an energetic and collaborative leader to serve as its next Executive Director.

The Executive Director leads strategy and implementation of Elsewhere’s financial and operational development, and collaborates with the Board of Directors and Creative Director on the advancement of Elsewhere’s mission and vision. 

Elsewhere is a Living Museum, artist residency and laboratory for collaborative education set inside a three-story former thrift store housing a 58-year collection of material culture and surplus. Elsewhere serves as platform for site-specific experimentation, social action and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Elsewhere is a wholly unique, creative asset with a vibrant museum and residency facility that implements mature and impactful programming. Elsewhere is supported by a committed and enthralled community of local and national stakeholders, and guided by an active board stewarding an organization with great potential and willingness to grow. The ideal candidate must be ready to lead the organization into its next phase of financial growth and national leadership. This person must employ resourceful and creative thinking, business-minded approaches, and be ready to leverage development and operational experience. Elsewhere is seeking experienced candidates with senior leadership and a strong track-record and understanding of grant writing, donor development, and non-profit business management. 

An ideal candidate comprises knowledge and experience in contemporary art, artist-communities, and/or artist-run spaces nationally. Elsewhere is also an active hub for community partnerships, therefore a solid grounding in social equity and sophistication towards community engagement and partnership is a must. Elsewhere is situated in the heart of a growing downtown and we hope the next Executive Director will be excited to participate in the life of a thriving midsize city committed to creative entrepreneurship and arts-led economic development. As a North Carolina State Arts Resource, state-wide  leadership and participation in the arts is encouraged.

The Executive Director oversees a small but passionate team with a veteran Creative Director overseeing programming.  The next Executive Director should be committed to a collaborative approach, ready to build upon leadership in place, and prepared to grow the organization locally and nationally. An ideal candidate should have an exceptional capacity for strategic direction and prioritization, professional care for a dynamic staff, and willingness for on-the-ground action. 

Read below to see the functions and responsibilities of the Executive Director. Interested parties should email a single PDF with a cover letter and resume/CV to operations@goelsewhere.org with the subject line “Executive Director Search”.

****Elsewhere does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, expression or parents/guardians with children. Elsewhere, like many art institutions, is a predominantly white space, and in an effort to decolonize dominant structures of oppression, we encourage queer and trans people of color to apply.


11½ Spells for Our Future Selves, Ash Eliza Smith (Morganton, NC / San Diego, CA). Southern Constellations Fellow. July 2017. Process documentation. Sculpture installation, performance, 3d prints, bacteria samples in petri dishes, found items.


The Executive Director leads strategy and implementation of Elsewhere’s financial and operational development, and collaborates with the Board of Directors and Creative Director on the advancement of Elsewhere’s mission and vision. The Executive Director oversees the work of the Creative Director and strategic development of programmatic goals and values. They serve publicly in support of Elsewhere’s values and organizational advancement.


Functions and Responsibilities


  • Ensure that the organization remains in compliance with its non-profit 501(c)3 status, including necessary reporting, financial compliance, external review, and proper use of restricted funding.
  • Oversee the use of all organizational funds, proper accounting, and timely payment of all invoices and loan payments.
  • Ensure fiscal sustainability and a balanced budget.
  • Develop, maintain, and revise organizational finances, and report on fiscal health to Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.


  • Lead the strategic design and implementation of giving campaigns, including annual campaigns, large gifts, and membership development. 
  • Secure and steward major gifts. 
  • Maintain a robust annual grant schedule, seeking new opportunities and maintaining communication with all funders.
  • Oversee and seek to expand earned income for the organization.
  • Execute a fundraising plan that includes disciplined planning, communication, and transparency.  
  • Seek and write new operational and programming grants in support of organizational and programming goals.
  • Ensure proper donor tracking, acknowledgment, and funder relationships.


  • Serve as public spokesperson for Elsewhere, advocating in local, regional, and national contexts for Elsewhere’s values and mission.
  • Design and encourage cross-sector relationships with Greensboro partners, national artists and arts organizations.
  • Inform community leaders and stakeholders of Elsewhere’s vision, organizational goals, programming developments.
  • Strengthen and engage Elsewhere’s national alumni network and role within field and peer networks. 


  • Lead Board in the strategic planning and implementation of organizational goals, development planning, and financial oversight. 
  • Support Board and Executive Committee in its capacity for fund development, fund/friend raising efforts, and messaging.
  • Support Executive Committee in its leadership, board development, and new member recruitment.
  • Facilitate regular communication with volunteer Board members and organize meetings, agendas, and work plans for the Board and its committees. 
  • Develop national Advisory Board to advance organization’s scope and resources in line with Creative Director’s vision and programming needs.
  • Report on organization to Board of Directors, grantors, and funders at regular intervals.
  • Hire, terminate, and oversee all staff. Approve new hires, promotions and raises, and continue to improve organizational policies and staff benefits.
  • Attend to the organizational climate, culture, and operational processes.


  • Oversee the Creative Director’s development, planning, and strategy regarding core programming, namely the Living Museum, Residencies, and CoLab Education.
  • Align financial sustainability and the acquisition of new resources with program goals and organizational mission.
  • Support artistic excellence, contemporary relevance, diversity, and new audiences.


  • Take careful stewardship of the property and lease. 
  • Oversee facility operation, maintenance, and leasehold improvements.

Ensure safety, code compliance and accessibility as an assemblage, residential and mixed-use studio space, and work to advance the facility’s ADA accessibility.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Committed to supporting artists of all kinds, experimental and community-based museums, residencies, and alternative arts spaces that compose our field.
  • A proven track-record and demonstrable senior-level experience managing and overseeing a non-profit entity or division/program with exemplary financial oversight and fundraising accomplishments.
  • Track record of writing and obtaining local, national, and government grants.
  • Experience in strategy and implementation of annual campaign and/or other development campaigns. Further experience desired in large gift development and donor stewardship.
  • Passion for growing organizational operations and income, and leading both board and staff in professionalization and strategic processes.
  • Highly collaborative working style oriented toward team planning and transparent processes, but comfortable with decision making and prioritization.
  • Must be very outgoing and excited to participate with a dynamic local and state arts and civic communities, including with city government and community organizations
  • Must have a strong equity lens
  • To thrive in Elsewhere’s environment, a well-suited candidate should be creative, collaborative, conceptually flexible, quick problem solver, and able to manage multiple tasks and priorities while directing a creative team.


“Elsewhere is a museum and artist residency set in a 3-floor, former, thrift store. With people and things, we build collaborative futures.”

Elsewhere’s environment is highly stimulating, conceptual, and social. The Museum hosts an incredible density of materials and continuous public activity. Composed by layers of artworks and objects, there are no white walls, blank spaces, or separate studios. Everything is interpreted contextually and in situ. Residents respond to a collection of artworks and materials to make visible their conceptual, material, and social visions. Projects engage Elsewhere’s Museum as a platform for creative, performative, research-based, and curatorial experimentation. The century-old inventory of objects form a natural resource, archive, and set of incredible things, available for thoughtful and site-specific transformation.

The Museum is a public space and home. Residents live on the 2nd floor, which includes the artist-built boarding house and other installation works. The kitchen is centrally featured in the museum’s most public 1st floor, and exhibits Elsewhere’s organized, cooperative, living practices to visitors. Studios include a wood and textile workshop, tech lab, storefront theater, vintage wardrobe, garden, and public kitchen inside the 150-year-old building. Additionally Elsewhere has access to 3D printing, laser cutting, CnC router, welding and ceramic tools through membership with a neighboring makerspace.

Elsewhere is situated in Downtown Greensboro, NC, a revitalizing mid-size, southern city. Greensboro is notable for its historical and social legacy of textile industry and civil rights, and there is creative, critical work happening here. The city boasts 5 universities and a rich arts community that includes contemporary theater, visual arts, dance, and music. A new Experiential School offers community-centered elementary education and utilizes downtown (and Elsewhere) as its campus. A large system of parks, trailways, greenways, and lakes support active engagement with nature and connect communities to downtown. Greensboro is located within an hour of other thriving art, education, and social-engaged communities, including Winston-Salem, Durham, Chapel-Hill, and Raleigh.

Elsewhere is an anchor within the south end of the downtown. We share our block with a contemporary art project space, piano restorer, sneaker store, barber shop, , cat café, numerous restaurants, bars, historic neighborhoods, activist churches, small businesses, and an expanding community of entrepreneurs. Nearby is a new performing arts center, the International Civil Rights Museum, a dynamic city park, and a citywide campus for nursing education.

We are also in proximity to food deserts and gentrifying neighborhoods. We partner with social and justice organizations, neighborhood associations, public schools, non-profits, universities, and city departments. Elsewhere shares space with the local chapter of #BlackLivesMatter (Gate City), IgniteNC, NCCJ, and is a site for community building, social organizing, and direct action. As a post-industrial, southern city with progressive roots, Greensboro citizens are actively invested in fostering social, economic, and racial equity- these concerns have always been part of the city’s fabric.

For more on Elsewhere’s history, please visit our Story page.