“Elsewhere is a museum and artist residency set in a 3-floor, former, thrift store. With people and things, we build collaborative futures.”

There are no open positions at this time. 

Elsewhere’s environment is highly stimulating, conceptual, and social. The Museum hosts an incredible density of materials and continuous public activity. Composed by layers of artworks and objects, there are no white walls, blank spaces, or separate studios. Everything is interpreted contextually and in situ. Residents respond to a collection of artworks and materials to make visible their conceptual, material, and social visions. Projects engage Elsewhere’s Museum as a platform for creative, performative, research-based, and curatorial experimentation. The century-old inventory of objects form a natural resource, archive, and set of incredible things, available for thoughtful and site-specific transformation.

The Museum is a public space and home. Residents live on the 2nd floor, which includes the artist-built boarding house and other installation works. The kitchen is centrally featured in the museum’s most public 1st floor, and exhibits Elsewhere’s organized, cooperative, living practices to visitors. Studios include a wood and textile workshop, tech lab, storefront theater, vintage wardrobe, garden, and public kitchen inside the 150-year-old building. Additionally Elsewhere has access to 3D printing, laser cutting, CnC router, welding and ceramic tools through membership with a neighboring makerspace.

Elsewhere is situated in Downtown Greensboro, NC, a revitalizing mid-size, southern city. Greensboro is notable for its historical and social legacy of textile industry and civil rights, and there is creative, critical work happening here. The city boasts 5 universities and a rich arts community that includes contemporary theater, visual arts, dance, and music. A new Experiential School offers community-centered elementary education and utilizes downtown (and Elsewhere) as its campus. A large system of parks, trailways, greenways, and lakes support active engagement with nature and connect communities to downtown. Greensboro is located within an hour of other thriving art, education, and social-engaged communities, including Winston-Salem, Durham, Chapel-Hill, and Raleigh.

Elsewhere is an anchor within the south end of the downtown. We share our block with a contemporary art project space, piano restorer, sneaker store, barber shop, , cat café, numerous restaurants, bars, historic neighborhoods, activist churches, small businesses, and an expanding community of entrepreneurs. Nearby is a new performing arts center, the International Civil Rights Museum, a dynamic city park, and a citywide campus for nursing education.

We are also in proximity to food deserts and gentrifying neighborhoods. We partner with social and justice organizations, neighborhood associations, public schools, non-profits, universities, and city departments. Elsewhere shares space with the local chapter of #BlackLivesMatter (Gate City), IgniteNC, NCCJ, and is a site for community building, social organizing, and direct action. As a post-industrial, southern city with progressive roots, Greensboro citizens are actively invested in fostering social, economic, and racial equity- these concerns have always been part of the city’s fabric.

For more on Elsewhere’s history, please visit our Story page.