Bill Lusk grew up as a hybrid southerner/mid-westerner who always got in trouble with his mother for staring. Otherʼs lives fascinated him, hence, he became a photographer of people. Later, when he studied sculpture he focused on the formal aspects of visual expression; space, line, balance, etc. Combining this language and concepts involving otherʼs personal progressions of time and their connections or junctures en route emerged as a consistent theme in all aspects of his work. His focus on the post-production of imagery is a mnemonic that one is not viewing photo-documentations of events but, rather, one possible frame of reference for real events.

Lusk was educated as a fine artist at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. He works on commercial assignments, commissioned portraiture, print sales, educational workshops and book projects. Lusk divides his time between New York and North Carolina with his wife, Fran and his family.

Elsewhere Project / Dreams