SHAN WALLACE (Baltimore, Maryland) 
Southern Constellations Fellow. October 2018. Installation view. Museum collection mannequins, wire mesh, and found objects; spray paint; photographs. Dimensions variable.

How do we remember? How do mourning and rituals look culturally? How does adaptation to marginalization and social exclusion influence one’s role in accessing memories, and their capacity to mourn? What does that look and feel like?

The Banshee Unde[rage] is testament of the past and present, not as fixed narratives but a multiplicity of experiences with grief, memory, and mourning. Inspired by WALLACE’s own personal revelations, including the beginning of her “‘Saturn Return,’ have been a challenging but spiritual transitional period [for her].” The installation serves as a testimony of Black folks who share experiences and are familiar with mourning through memories.

WALLACE curated and transformed this 3rd floor room into a vigil with a raw aesthetic and familiarity to the vigils within Black culture, especially ones in Baltimore experienced by the artist. Each piece in the project serves as a construction of historical and cultural collections of symbols to (re)connect and represent memories and mourning. Unde[rage] prompts audiences to join her in mourning.