Loenen guides tour participants to LeBauer park to discuss the 2016 'Read-In' hosted by Elsewhere in collaboration with Black Lives Matter: Greensboro. Photo credit: Amelia Nura

Clare van Loenen (Richmond, VA) 
February 2019. Tour performance documentation. Research through museum collection archive documents; elastic ribbon, frame. Dimensions variable.

An Atlas of Administration is a socially driven research project that looks at sites of significance and transformation in Elsewhere’s history and ongoing presence on South Elm Street, in Downtown Greensboro. The culminating neighborhood tour and 3K run in the rain took a circular route through Downtown and mapped locations such as the Elsewhere Founders’ plaque, sites of Read-In events, past and current funders’ offices, and partner community centers. Accompanying sweatbands fabricated and sourced from the Elsewhere’s Ribbon Room installation honor the Southern Constellations residents who shaped and sweated this Atlas.

The research will be featured in van Loenen’s dissertation: ‘Social Sites: Artists as Organization, 2001-2016’ that delves into the organizing principles of memory, the non-abject, and hyperlocal at Elsewhere. Homemade kombucha was also served at the finish line of the 3K run.

Project In Response To: Read-In at Le Bauer Park with Black Lives Matter, Read-In at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, The Porch Project: Black Lunch Tables, Neighborhood MuralsGuggenheimElse press coverage, The Ribbon Room; Beloved Community Center.



Documentation from 3K run and engagement with museum visitors. Photo credit: Amelia Nura