Elsewhere is no longer accepting applications for 2020 opportunities from creatives working across media, fields, and disciplines. Elsewhere’s evolving collection of past projects, material surplus, unique concepts, and access to local and national communities provide an unparalleled site for creative inquiry. Join us in using the collection of a former thrift store to inspire new futures from old things!


Elsewhere has no open positions.


Elsewhere’s residency programs support artists engaging with relevant issues of site and culture while strengthening contemporary art production in under-served areas. Annually, 35 creatives are selected to collectively live and create new work for Elsewhere’s Living Museum. Residents receive room, board, abundant materials, studio space, and access to equipment. In conjunction with this, Elsewhere staff provides promotional and networking opportunities coupled with production, programming, documentary and curatorial support. Residencies are available during 5 sessions, each 2-4 weeks long with up to 7 residents at a time. The Residency program is partially subsidized with a nominal fee. In 2020, Elsewhere is offering various opportunities to fund parent artists and/or individuals from the Southern US or Kansas City.

For more information: goelsewhere.org/residencies


Annually, 12 internships are offered to emerging leaders. Internships are available during 3 sessions, each approximately 15 weeks long with up to 4 interns at a time. Interns see the inner functions of a dynamic, alternative arts organization run by a small team and help support the nonprofit’s organizational, artistic, and community-based projects through hands-on learning. In 2020, Elsewhere is offering The ABOVEGROUND RAILROAD Scholarship (realized by past resident Jessica Moss) to one black, female high school student from the Triad, who is committed to pursuing an administrative career within the Arts.  

For more information & to apply: goelsewhere.org/internships



CREATIVE RETREATS |  Offer custom tours, full-day, and weekend long immersive experiences tailored to the learning community. Retreats explore contemporary site-specific art practice, community storytelling, material resourcefulness, creativity through play, and community-based practice in the Living Museum. For more information: goelsewhere.org/retreats

TOURS  | A behind the scenes 3-Floor Tour introduces Elsewhere’s history, visual concepts, and artworks. Tours engage particpants in a dialogue about the process and theory of building a museum.  For more information: goelsewhere.org/education/tours

QUEERLAB | A youth-led media program that develops dialogue around LGBTQ+ experiences and issues. QueerLab hosts a youth editorial team to produce a magazine: I Don’t Do Boxes. For more information: goelsewhere.org/queerlab

SPACE RENTALS | Host your next happening or perform, shoot, film, and collaborate within the world’s only thrift store turned museum. For more information: goelsewhere.org/rentals

***Elsewhere does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, expression or parents/guardians with children. Elsewhere shares a radically expansive understanding of creative practice and identity. We strive for a diverse representation of voices, life experiences, views, and interests to reflect the collaborative community we have and wish to serve. To decolonize systemic structures of institutional oppression, we encourage queer creatives of color to apply. If there are accessibility needs or questions, please contact museum@goelsewhere.org