anique vered is an artist-researcher working across affect theory, process philosophy, alter-economies and social practice. Aside from an ever-present penchant to a wild openness (yes, you are welcome to read that as an invitation for riotous yet sensitive conversation), she is currently interested in new social and economic forms and organizational gestures based on post-structuralist, queer and decolonial ethics of care. Originally from Australia, anique is based at SenseLab, Concordia University in Montreal, and also works with The School of Making Thinking (SMT). Recent projects include: the social intervention ‘Ruptures and bending continuums : learning from the underside’ at the Deathbeds symposium; curatorial consulting for ‘Moving Memory: Difficult Histories in Dialogue’ at The Center for Curating and Public Scholarship; co-curating/ co-producing SMT’s ‘Words & [ ] – a Durational Conference of Art and Thought’ which also featured some of anique’s social practice; and the performative paper ‘(In)equal relations: a reconnaissance towards an alter-economy of Understanding.’

During her residency at Elsewhere, vered created An Alter-Economy of Becoming Elsewhere.