Yixuan Pan (Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia Goes Elsewhere Fellowship. June 2019. HD video and audio of musical performance using museum collection and found objects; musical score. 3 min, 3 secs.

An Orchestra at Elsewhere transforms the museum into a collaborative performance using items found within the public 1st floor as musical instruments. Visitors can re-enact this orchestra and play the same instruments by following a museum map of the first floor.

The orchestra utilizes miscellaneous objects like vintage children toys, architectural spiral poles, the museum’s doorbell, register station, front stage, and even the microwave, pots, and pans in the kitchen— by connecting objects from the original thrift store, the art collection, and everyday utilitarianism, the artist blurs boundaries between musical practices, theory, and the quotidian.

In order to create the musical scores that were left behind, Pan worked closely with local composer Treya Nash. Piano expert and repairman John Johanson helped fabricate the string instrument under the Window Theater swing.

Production Support: Treya Nash UNCG MM, John Johanson from Mosaic Piano Services, Jon Pulse, Amelia Nura

Project In Response To: The Swings at Elsewhere, Rosa No. 7 Yellow Independence, The Confessatorium