3 Floor Adventure Tours

A behind the scenes and up the stairs three floor tour that introduces Elsewhere’s history, visual concepts, and artworks. Tours weave stories about artists and artworks while engaging students and teachers in a dialogue about the process and theory of building a museum.  $10/ per person for up to 15 people. 60 minutes.



Adventure Tours & Playshop

Go on a three floor tour of the museum and stay to play with our world of things. Playshops are guided investigations of Elsewhere’s collection of materials, culture, and concepts that provide participants with the opportunity to learn by doing and create projects and performances at the museum. They are designed to meet unique curricular goals. $20/per person for up to 25 people. Additional materials cost may be required for some programs. Three hours.

Past Playshops have included:

  • PLAYABLE PIZZA | An introduction to improvised instruments and musical production.
  • CAST-IRON CHEF | a cooking showdown in the kitchen for budding chefs, emphasizing working with at hand resources, creative improvisation, and collaboration.
  • OBJECT STORIES| Using objects in the collection to share personal stories, develop creative writing, and think about things differently.
  • REFRIGERATOR PLAYS | Presenting food based stories in the fridge.
  • SENSORY SURVEY | A tactile survey of the building to consider its construction and maintenance.
  • DESIGN/BUILD| Creating temporary structures out of Elsewhere objects to learn principles of sculpture and construction.
  • SCREENPRINTING | Using the Printworks to make a new screen or fresh print.
  • PUBLIC MENDING | Bring your clothes and mend together with other visiting artists and friends.
  • TEXTILE MESSAGES | Using yarn and thread to sew a message and leave your trace.
  • HUNTING & GATHERING | Scavenge the museum for your favorite things and leave behind a curated collection.
  • HOME MOVIES | Learn movie making basics and create your own film using our collection of materials.
  • SOUNDSCAPES | Create field recordings of sounds heard at the museum.
  • OUT AND ABOUT | A survey/ scavenger hunt of the South Elm Neighborhood and the place of the museum in it.




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“Thanks so much for a great day. For the entire drive back to Kernersville, the kids went on and on about the wonderful time they had in the museum. I couldn’t have imagined a more exciting, interactive experience for them….They had never really cooperated with one another as well as they did during the pizza activity….I was able to notice huge changes in some of their behaviors. Quiet, somewhat angry students opened up to become cheerful and talkative; children with the most limited attention spans were suddenly attentive and focused. It was absolutely incredible to stand back and watch them learn. There is no way we could have taken a better field trip, and I really hope I have the chance to direct other people to Elsewhere when they need to plan something for a group of students.”
— Ryan Layton, Communities in Schools, Forsyth County.